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Hi I'm BartenderMan and this is my WvWvW Necro build. This build focuses on supporting your allies by bringing strong single-target isolation that allows your allies to instantly destroy a target of your choice.
Caution: this build is not optimized for taking down targets on your own. Its purpose is to pull a target and make sure they stay away from their allies. You will still be capable of dealing damage, but other classes/builds can destroy you if you're alone.

Weapons and Skills

Dagger and Warhorn
1. Your target is going to be in melee range a lot of the time so this is your main source of damage.
2. Not a great skill for WvWvW, though it helps for when you need that extra health in combat.
3. Single-target immobilize. Amazing for holding your target in place.
4. Good AoE disable. Mainly used for interrupting skills.
5. Mainly used for mobility, but can be used to keep your target in melee range for as long as possible with the cripple.

Scepter and Focus
1. You will mainly be using this in between cooldowns when your target is at a safer distance.
2. AoE cripple and bleed. Another movement-impairing skill? Why not?
3. Single target burst based on the amount of conditions on your target. Best used after signet of spite for good damage.
4. Using this when close to an enemy does a lot of damage and further weakens their defenses.
5. Long-range chill that removes up to 3 boons. More movement-impairment with the added bonus of boon removal. Awesome.

Slot Skills
Consume Conditions
Best. Heal. Ever.

Spectral Grasp
The bread and butter of this build. This is what allows you to isolate your target and allows your allies to take out a high-priority enemy.

Signet of Spite
Increases power passively and inflicts a crap-tonne of conditions on your target when you activate it. Activate this when you need to further cripple your target.

Spectral Walk
Mainly used for mobility in between fights, but is also useful as a stun breaker and for the life force gain. Good for escapes and juking with Spectral Recall.

Your main AoE fighting skill and a total beast. Enemies in your AoE are poisoned, bled, blinded, crippled and/or weakened. This skill is brutal when enemies are clumped up, especially when they are trying to escape. Note: dodging in Plague basically trades endurance for a short dash and is a good way to catch up to fleeing enemies.

Other Choices
Spectral Wall
Instant 10 vulnerability stacks when pulling an enemy? Yes please.

Signet of Undeath
Good for life force generation and reviving downed allies from a safe distance.

Good in combination with Signet of Spite for when enemies are clumped up.

Lich Form
I personally prefer Plague over this in WvWvW, but it's entirely up to your personal preference.

Wells have the drawback of being stationary. They might be good in AoE fights, but this is not the focus of this build. If you plan on using them, replace 10 points from the Soul Reaping and Spite trait lines for 20 points in Curses for ground targeting.


Spiteful Talisman
Mainly used for the increased range on the 5th skill.

Signet Mastery
Takes 18 seconds off Signet of Spite's cooldown.

Close to Death
Increased damage is never a bad thing to have.

Blood Magic
Mark of Evasion
Can't think of anything better to use here.

Quickening Thirst
Mainly there for movement speed between fights. (Not sure if this stacks with swiftness. If not, replace it with Dagger Mastery or exchange the points for some other trait line)

Soul Reaping
Spectral Mastery
You're using 2 (or 3) spectral skills so this makes sense.

Vital Presence
Stay in Death Shroud longer for when you need to.


Choose a target. Start off with either 5 or Signet of Spite for the initial slow. Follow up with Spectral Grasp (Spectral Wall before the pull, if you're using it) then 4 and 3. Swap weapons then use 3 and/or 5 to keep them in range and proceed to beat down on them till they die. Use 4 on the Warhorn when you suspect they will fight back or attempt to blink/stealth away.

If you're feeling suicidal, enter Plague form and dive into the enemy lines while spreading as many conditions as possible while your allies proceed to wipe them out.

Final Words

Thank you for reading my guide. I'm new to the WvWvW scene so if you have any feedback I would appreciate it.
Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
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