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After spending almost 300 hours on my http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/4/43/Warrior_tango_icon_20px.png warrior and upon reaching level 80/sPvP rank 20 I just simply fell in love. Warrior is a type of class with very risky but rewarding play style - it all comes down to either kill or be killed. While I obviously did not have enough time to learn as much about other classes in Guild Wars 2, I am pretty confident that there is no class in the entire game that can pull off as much damage as warrior in such a very short amount of time. Warrior's burst with the correct spec is without a doubt best in game, hands down. That is what makes him so dangerous. If you are looking for a gap closer bruiser who can just sit on one target and focus the hell out of it, bursting it down in seconds: you did the right thing by choosing warrior. Of course there is always a downside to one's superiority. While warrior can pull off insane damage, he can be very squishy at times despite his heavy armor. Let me clarify on the matter in the next chapter of this guide.

Explanation of skill/weapon choices


Frenzy in combination with greatsword's Hundred Blades ability is just insane. The problem with frenzy though is that it also increases the damage YOU receive by 50%. That is A LOT. If you use frenzy at a wrong time, you will end up dead. That is where Endure Pain comes in. Endure Pain negates the effect of frenzy completly, making you completly immune to all types of damage you shall obtain in the next 5 seconds. Although such a syngery of those skills is great, it is not always best to use frenzy along with endure pain at the same time - it all depends on the situation that you find yourself in. When you see an oportunity to burst down a target and your opponents are focusing different player, there is no need for you to use endure pain. Both skills have very long cooldown and you have to use them wisely. It is also worth nothing that both frenzy and endure Pain act as a cc-breaker and remove any stun effects present on you.

You might ask: why greatsword? What is so great about this weapon? Well, greatsword comes with amazing utility/mobility (and trust me, mobility is always priceless for any melee class and I just can't stress this enough) on top of insane burst. With Greatsword, warrior can have up to three different leaps/gap closers. Whirlwind Attack, Rush and alas Bull's Charge that is our skill of choice. Our burst comes from the Hundred Blades ability that I mentioned before. The only problem with Hundred Blades is that it can be very easily avoided - that is why it is best used after stunning or knocking down your target of choice. It is also good counter if you are being focused. You just pop out endure pain along with frenzy, and your opponent will surely back down.

Skills 2 3, 4 and 5 are the type of undisputedly set in stone. Bull's Charge is your only CC that you so greatly need because of hundred blades's weakness. As for Signet of Rage, it works amazingly with Frenzy and uptime on it is half of all the time which is kind of OP. On top of almost constant movement speed you gain boost for your damage stats that work great with hundred blades. You could consider switching your Healing ability (1). As for the healing ability, Mending is my personal choice because of its additional effect being the removal of two conditions although both Healing Surge and Healing Sigent are viable and can prove to be superior to one another in certain situations, depending on the circumstances.

Your secondary weapon of choice should be an axe (MH) along with shield (OH). This will help you to survive some critical situations during which you are being focused by the enemy team. Also, shield does not only provide you with block, but also with 1 second long stun that can prove very useful.

As far as choosing weapon for water combat goes (though there is no water combat in tournaments due to lack of Raid on the Capricorn battleground in the bg roster), I suggest picking up Spear (close quarters aquatic weapon) - partly because of benefit that Slashing Power trait provides you with. Though mainly because I find Spear to be the most useful underwater weapon. Number 5 ability (http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/8/8b/Tsunami_Slash.png/33px-Tsunami_Slash.pngTsunami Slash) is yet another amazing gap closer that you can use in order to move faster through the battleground map or to simply stalk your prey.

One of the problems with Guild Wars 2 is that there are countless different types of buffs in-game with no detailed description of what they exactly benefit the player with. Let me list for you, all buffs (or rather boons) that are of interest to warrior and this spec in particular:

http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/e/e6/Fury_40px.png Fury - 20% critical chance

http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/1/10/Might_40px.pngMight is a boon which increases power and condition damage and stacks in intensity. The effect of might is determined by the following formula:

0.375 * Level + 5 Power/Condition Damage per stack

http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/1/19/Swiftness_40px.pngSwiftness is a boon that increases movement speed by 33%.

All of the above are gained from Signet of Rage.

http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/b/b4/Quickness.png/40px-Quickness.pngQuickness is an effect that makes all skills and actions twice as fast. Quickness granted by non-elite skills usually comes with some kind of temporary drawback, such as penalty to endurance regeneration or increase in damage taken.

Gained by using Frenzy and also by procing Last Chance trait out of Arms line.

http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/8/8a/Berserker_Stance.png/48px-Berserker_Stance.png Berserker Stance (obtained from Berserker's Might trait from the Strength line) - Gain adrenaline for a short time. http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/8/8b/Duration.png Duration: 8 s

As for Conditions (negative effect that can be inflicted against enemies through the use of skills and affecting traits):

http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/4/4f/Bleeding_40px.png Bleeding is a stackable condition that deals damage over time.

Bleeding can stack in intensity up to 25 times and each stack does one pulse of damage per second. The damage dealt by bleeding is determined by the following formula:

2.5 + 0.5 * Level + 0.05 * Condition Damage per stack per second

http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/a/a3/Vulnerability_40px.pngVulnerability is a condition which increases damage the target takes by 1%.

Vulnerabilty stacks up to 25 times. Characters suffering from vulnerability have a shattering shield appear on themselves when the condition is applied.

Balancing your stats


As for the statistics, power is the most sought after stat for this spec (due to its scaling with Hundred Blades ability). Precision comes second, along with crit damage of which efficiency is based upon your crit chance (hence partly precision; the more precision you have, the more effective % crit damage becomes and vice versa).

Power >>> Precision > % Crit Damage >>
and the lesser stats of use for you are as follows:

Vitality > Toughness > Condition Damage

Condition damage is unfortunately kind of useless for the greatsword spec because only DoT (Damage over Time) ability that we have comes from traits and it procs upon critical hits (and upon critical hits it has only 33% chance to be applied to begin with). Anyway, DoTs are not what this build is about - we are supposed to burst down our enemy in matter of seconds before he is able to even react in any way.



During your prime (that is when you have your cooldowns active) you are an unstoppable wave of destruction, crushing everything in its path - none shall be able to withstand your might. That is why usage and management of cooldowwns is so essential when it comes to playing warrior properly.

Important thing to note about PvP is that there is no such thing as rotation when you confront other, real players. You have to learn how to adapt to different situations and that is what makes you a better player. Learn when to kill the right target and know when to pop your defensive cooldowns.

You should always have a warhorn http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/4/42/Warhorn_%28weapon%29.png/40px-Warhorn_%28weapon%29.png in your inventory and use it when you are out of combat. Why? It will grant you a free speed boost and you won't have to waste your Signet of Rage. Once you use http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/b/b0/Charge_%28warrior_skill%29.png/33px-Charge_%28warrior_skill%29.png Charge just open your inventory and re-equip your greatsword. IMPORTANT! Make sure that you don't get yourself into combat with your warhorn equipped because then you won't be able to use your greatsword and thus will be pretty much screwed.

Here is the list of abilities with detailed description (including CD's) that warrior using greatsword gains:

http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/c/c6/Chain_Arrow_Toolbelt.png/25px-Chain_Arrow_Toolbelt.pnghttp://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/7/71/Arcing_Slice.png/33px-Arcing_Slice.png Arcing Slice, Burst Ability http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/f/f4/Tango-recharge-darker.png 10, Strike your foe with an uppercut and gain fury. Useless ability, don't even bother to use it. Why? Because of: Healing Surge and traits that we chose (Berserker's Power and Heightened Focus).
http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/b/b3/Greatsword_Swing.png/33px-Greatsword_Swing.png Greatsword Swing, Slash your foe.
http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/4/48/Redirect_Arrow.png/25px-Redirect_Arrow.pnghttp://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/3/37/Greatsword_Slice.png/33px-Greatsword_Slice.png Greatsword Slice, Slice your foe.
http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/4/48/Redirect_Arrow.png/25px-Redirect_Arrow.pnghttp://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/f/fb/Brutal_Strike.png/33px-Brutal_Strike.png Brutal Strike, Hit your foe with a final brutal strike.
http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/b/ba/Hundred_Blades.png/33px-Hundred_Blades.png Hundred Blades, http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/f/f4/Tango-recharge-darker.png 8, Repeatedly strike multiple foes. The last strike does extra damage. Your main source of DMG. Amazing AoE!
http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/f/fe/Whirlwind_Attack.png/33px-Whirlwind_Attack.png Whirlwind Attack http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/f/f4/Tango-recharge-darker.png 10, Whirl in a target's direction, slashing foes along your path. Also acts as a additional dodge/escape skill. AoE ability as well!
http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/0/05/Bladetrail.png/33px-Bladetrail.png Bladetrail http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/f/f4/Tango-recharge-darker.png 15, Throw your greatsword at your foe so that it returns to you, crippling foes along the way. Use it to slow down your enemy. It can also do AoE DMG if thrown correctly.
http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/4/42/Rush.png/33px-Rush.png Rush, http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/f/f4/Tango-recharge-darker.png 20, Charge and strike your foe. It takes some time for its strike to go off, but it hits pretty hard (especially if it crits).

! ! ! More updates to this section of the guide coming soon. ! ! !

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2000 days ago

Still working on this guide so stay tuned for more updates soon!

1999 days ago

Nice guide :)

1999 days ago

Thanks Aldok, it is still not finished though so keep your heads up.

1999 days ago

Since you are pure damage, try for great justice instead of endure pain, you can keep it up all the time 25s refresh, 8s fury (20% crit) 25s might (105 power). I personally would remove your shield and use a horn, for the charge skill, gives you a speed increase and your allies, other stuff as well that is useful if it's off cooldown during a fight. Just my 2 cents if you are going all damage, I think this will increase it even more. :)

1999 days ago

Going for Frenzy without Endure Pain is just too risky.

1999 days ago

While this spec is all about bursting down your target quickly, it is not only aimed at pure damage. Going for pure glass cannon is just wrong.

Besides, all effects gained by For Great Justice are also obtained by Signet of Rage.

1999 days ago

lol, I have played this a few times, you are a glass cannon, might as well do more damage. Don't get me wrong, it's fun, until you are on cooldowns, then you are dead. The effects gained by For Great Justice stack with Signet of Rage, again more damage. You didn't comment about the horn, I think that change would help, only in that you give yourself and your teammates a sprint, I was using it with my warrior build for at least 100 pvp matches. Having fun is the most important thing.

1999 days ago

Not exactly, you know how might works right? Boons stack in term of duration and not in their effectiveness. As for horn, shield helps with the 'glass cannon' part and gives you a short cc that is priceless for this build.

1991 days ago

Just tried this, good build. Quickly finishes off a man in PvP. I might not have read enough, but what do you do between cooldowns? Just hack and slash? Also, what does 'cc' mean?


1990 days ago

Pretty much yeah although with your 20% CDR (cooldown reduction) coming from traits, you should rarely end up in situation in which you will be forced to hack and slash your foe. Of course everything depends on what enemy you are up against and what abilities he is using. 100 blades is extremely easy to avoid if your opponent is at least decent thus you have to time its usage well (and if possible syngerize it with your team's cc/immobilize/slow effects).

As for your second question - CC stands for crowd control.

Also, remember to thumb up the build! ;)

1990 days ago

Works great +1

1990 days ago

Is this the same spec as the one that kungen plays?? i watched his stream today and he used similar abilities.

1990 days ago

Tbh I do not know what spec does Kungen play... it is possible I guess? I remember watching his stream live like a week ago or so and he used completely different set of skills for GS (and some of his choices really surprised me cause they seemed kind of pointless;)) Anyway, maybe he changed them after reading this guide? ^^

1990 days ago

umm you know that one dodge is all that is needed to counter this spec? :E

1990 days ago

Pro build, good job on the whole guide man.

1990 days ago

btw make sure you try out 1h sword instead of axe cuz its 2 ability (leap) is awesome and adds another mobility movement skill to your arsenal.

1990 days ago

op spec just got killed in second by some warrior on bg -,- if you have no defensive ability up then you die, really stupid

i am gonna make a warrior and try this out

1989 days ago

@Youtakenocookie As I wrote in the above guide: Yes, 100b is easily dogable/avoidable. But there is a thing called cc in this game, and if you use it well along with your team, this build will give you amazing results. Also, cc is not always needed - sometimes during team fight if you jump in quickly into the group of your enemies , pop everything and use 100b they just won't know what hit em. ;)

@Fxdjaz I tried out every weapon in the game that is available for warrior and I must say that sword is indeed visble and might prove superior to 1h axe for some players depending on their playstyle. Great thing about 1h is as you said: its leap. Imo it is best movement ability out of all others that we have.

@Verand hehe, I admit that this spec is good if you catch someone off-guard but it ain't OP bro. It is just too easy to counter to be considered OP - if you use your abilities carelessly while running this spec then you will fail. Badly.

1988 days ago


1988 days ago

very nice thank you mate!!

1985 days ago

ahh! It's so damn good! :)

1984 days ago

Nice build mate

1984 days ago

I tried using this build and sadly it's sucks... a Mesmer still dominates a warrior, and kills you like a damn fly. It's no OP enough to take down more then one and it's literately a suicide build.

1978 days ago

Played this build in the beta already and how the guy on my top said already it's just made for bursting down 1 enemy. You've got kind of 0 survivability with this build. It works well if you'r going to face some "beginners" but if you'r going to face a warrior with 20/0/30/0/20 you'll fail all the time. You'r 100h blade burst just gets blocked by endure pain or more often by just activating balance stance and dodging it.

Now you'll have to fight a warrior with all cooldowns ready which means 2 x endure pain, frenzy, and bulls charge. No way you can stand this, just if he would have no clue how to play warrior.

I don't mean that this build totally sucks, but how I said if your going to face a Mesmer, Warrior, ranger, thief or something else with at least some skills he'll just send you to hell in seconds.

1976 days ago

Can't PVP if I'm not playing a great sword. So much fun, so OP. +1

1974 days ago

Hoping for an update soon - this seems promising?

@Procc (or anybody else):

What is this 20/0/30/0/20 build you speak of?

1973 days ago

Awesome build dude i tried it out recently and it was really fun :D

1972 days ago

I used this build (and build path) as I leveled my warrior. I felt it sufficed my need in these types of games as a Berserker. In PvE is was epic, being able to take on large groups with the burst DPS was great. I did have to keep moving and time the skills right, but that's like anything in a game. I only ran into issues when in PvP or WvW. Rarely does anyone stand still for you to hit and being mobile is key, the best skill we have is the hundred blades, but all too often you can get your target to hold put unless someone has him pinned or you have bull rushed them down. The build seemed GREAT when filling the role of "breacher" meaning, you wade into your enemies doing as much damage as you can to everything in a short time and having your team mates take advantage of the situation. Getting into the heap of enemies and attacking casters and causing mayhem is where this build excels. Switching off to the shield/axe is a way to extend this tactic and you will be able to knock-down someone twice in short time. Additionally, I always keep a bow, rifle, and horn on hand for obvious reasons. As for the stats, one must focus on Power, Crit and precision...stack them! I also was using Major Rune of divinity for a bit of diversification.

I love this build, great work!

1972 days ago

ornerypossum, the build I'm talking about is the "defensive" one which also includes some burst. You'r going for the whole defensive traits like Endure Pain at 25% health and Balance Stance which also activates automaticly after you got dazesd/knocked down or something else. Means you can acitvate Endure Pain by your own at the beginning to counter some burst dmg and automaticly at 25% health again.

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