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Although many prefer the actively managed shout build I much prefer the passive regeneration build. Unlike most warrior builds the goal here is not to quickly yet efficiently destroy enemies but rather to do so safely. It should be quite obvious that the main use of this build lies in dungeons, although it has been tooled for WvW with varying degrees of success in protracted battles.

The idea of this build is relatively simple - stacking sources of Healing Power to maximize the potential of regeneration on yourself and others. It is not uncommon to see healing ticks for 250+ with even a decent set of green Cleric's gear.


Adrenal Health will give you extra regeneration based on your adrenaline level (i.e. don't waste your burst skills). For this reason I also recommend picking up Berserker's Power (10 Strength) or Heightened Focus (10 Discipline) to further capitalize on unused adrenaline. Furthermore, Defy Pain (30 Defense) will give you a short period of damage negation that can give you a quick reprieve and a chance to recover HP.

Additional Regeneration

I utilize food as an additional source of regeneration. Mango Pies provide regeneration as well as +70 Vitality for level 80s and other pies exist for lower levels as well. Also, I plan on experimenting with a full set of Dolyak runes to obtain yet another source of regeneration (hoping it does not provide the buff but rather its own icon or an invisible passive).

Healing Skill

It should come as no surprise that I use Healing Signet. It provides its own unique source of regeneration, a major plus to this build's goal. That being said, don't be afraid to grab Mending if you are facing a heavy CC boss.


Your banners will be the primary source of healing for yourself and nearby allies thanks to Inspiring Battle Standard. In most cases you will be trying to draw aggro to yourself and doing what you can to maintain it, but in the event of losing aggro or aoe damage (both very common in instances) the heals from your banners should keep allies alive. Banner of Tactics was chosen for this reason: it increases your Healing Power (thus increasing your regeneration's output) and when picked up it's #2 ability is an aoe heal. However, you can change out this banner for others as the situation requires (strength/discipline are good for DPS, defense is good for additional cc).

Using Battle Standard as your elite is pretty much common sense. That being said, do not be afraid to utilize other elites that may fit the situation better. Especially if you have a summoning elite, as additional fighters can provide the DPS that this build severely lacks.

Utility Skills

Personally, I use Signet of Stamina and Dolyak Signet as my remaining utilities. The Signet of Stamina provides faster endurance regeneration which means more dodging, more dodging means frames of invulnerability which means free regeneration. Dolyak Signet reduces damage, making it a no-brainer. Although I rarely use Dolyak Signet's active, Signet of Stamina provides a great source of CC removal - if you're using this it may be wise to grab Signet Mastery (10 Discipline) to make sure it's up whenever you may need it.

Although those are my usuals, I have no problem changing my utilities to match the situation. I commonly replace the signets with "For Great Justice!" and "Shake it Off!" when I need either sustained DPS for my party or aoe condition removal. Kick and Bull's Charge are great for single-target CC while Stomp and "Fear Me!" are solid aoe CC. I also may take Endure Pain if a boss has particularly high damage with little room for error.


Naturally, I use the defensive Mace/Shield combo. In addition to applying the godsend that is weakness to hamper damage from bosses the combination provides two sources of Daze (good interrupts), a block+counter (solid boss attack mitigation), and a three-second block (i.e. Endure Pain's little brother). This makes going toe-to-toe with bosses little worry. Though there is still need to pay attention when fighting swarms of critters.

The Rifle swap is useful (if not necessary) in many instances. Although I'm not one to cry about melee getting the short stick in this game there is truth to the versatility and safety afforded by a ranged weapon. Alternatively, one could use the Longbow. I personally find the 1,200 range to be the kicker, though. That being said, the Burning condition is very powerful and very handy when you already have other sources of bleed (i.e. other Rifle Warriors). The Longbow burst skill is also a great combo field.

Although it sounds like it would be logical I actually do not like using the Hammer, though I always keep one handy. While it does provide Weakness and Vulnerability (both boss-friendly) it doesn't provide them regularly through the auto-attack. Furthermore, it trades the mace/shield's defensive options for CC which doesn't consistently work on bosses. That being said, it is a great weapon to have handy against larger mobs, especially it's burst skill.

I do not like Mace/Sword in the off-hand. While they do have their uses, they are not as defensively minded against bosses, where the build tends to shine. That being said, I do keep a Sword/Warhorn handy; the mobility they provide make crossing great distances in PvE a breeze without relying on constant teleports eating into your wallet.

Things to Remember

Know your panic buttons. DPS needs to know what to combo to maximize their damage, you need to know what to hit to mitigate damage. If you see a big attack incoming know to time an evade, hit a blocking skill, or even toss out a quick daze. Being familiar with what buttons will save your life will... well... save your life.

Know your friends. There are things people are good at and others they're abysmal at. Just because you use this build to become a good tank does not mean others are using their builds to be good DPS/off-tank/heals/etc. Although you may need to sacrifice yourself to keep a formidable player alive and well don't be afraid to let a stupid person's stupid mistake be your undoing. Your job is to keep the group alive: if one person is messing up don't think of them as part of the group unless you can spare to.

Know your enemies. Garbage mobs are not immune to crowd control which makes the hammer a solid weapon. However, if your group can burst down the mob before it's a problem it may be best to round up the mobs, train them on you really quickly, and block their attacks. Furthermore, many bosses have a CC immunity buff. But many does not mean all! Some bosses are capable of being CC'd, a weakness that you can exploit. Knowing what you can do, boss patterns, etc. will set you apart from pretenders.

Know yourself. Although this game lacks the threat control that allows you to fulfill the role of the traditional "tank" that exists in other MMOs that does not stop you from being one. Your purpose is to do your best to control "aggro", to maintain that threat through damage mitigation and regeneration, to reduce incoming damage to the party and to keep the team up as long as possible. However, you are just one person. If aoe damage prevents your regeneration from keeping allies alive ask them to use their own recovery/defense skills. If you cannot maintain an enemy's aggro assist the person who does have it and be prepared to revive them should they fall. You are not a one man army but rather the adhesive that keeps the army functioning at peak efficiency. Don't be afraid to call the shots nor afraid to separate the wheat from the chaff. It is your responsibility not to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders but rather to make sure you achieve your goal, whatever it may be.

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