[SuperSquad] Fredzw - Revised Balanced Build


Other Viable Options

Weapons :
You can go with a Warhorn instead of a Shield.

Sigils :
Double Air, Bloodlust, Rage, Blood.

Runes :
Ogre, Forge, Soldier.

Amulet :
Berserker (Walkyrie's Jewel), Soldier (Berserker's Jewel).

Traits :
In Tactics you can pick : Empower Allies, Inspiring Banners, Shrug It Off, Quick Breathing (if playing with a Warhorn, Lung Capacity, Vigorous Shouts. Many combinaisons work fine, just a matter of preferences.

Utilities :
You need For Great Justice and one other shout at least. Balanced Stance isn't mandatory but grealty advised. You 3 utilities must be picked between those : Balanced Stance, Fear Me, Frenzy, Bull's Charge, Stomp, Throw Bolas, For Great Justice, Shake it Off, On My Mark.

Ultimates :
Signet of Rage, Battle Standard.

As a reminder : To land your Hundred Blades, use your Flurry immobilize and then switch to Greatsword before the end, giving you four seconds to land Hundred Blades. This is not a hybrid build (meaning a build that is focused around a mix of power damage and condition damage).

Useful links : TwitchTv, Personnal Youtube, Super Squad Youtube, GuildWarsInsider Weekly Column.

Author: Fredzw
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