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Hello! Im Ddemps a mesmer player from guild wars 1 and im here to tell you about my GW2 mesmer pvp build.

My mesmer build is kinda tanky when it comes to traits and amulet becouse most of the time you are going to be alone in the 5v5 battle.

So lets get started!

My Weapon of Choice

Weapons i would use are staff/pistol and sword.

Now you may ask: Why? Well, With this build, as it is 5v5 based, you are going to be defending points.
This weapon set is good in defending becouse of the staff mostly, staff gives you chaos storm and armor and those are your 2 skills that will win you the battle when executed the right way. You also have your warlock wich deals quite a good damage when you have applied your conditions on your foe and phase retreat that gets you away from your melee target easily.

Sword and pistol. You are going to use your sword and pistol for catching up fleeing targets, stunning your targets and using blurred frenzy on situations where the 2 second distortion could save your life (believe me, it will save you so many times).


OK! so in most situations you are going to face one or two foes becouse youre defending. Lets start with one foe, lets say umm...a thief, wich if propably your easiest match-up.

Thief has lots of mobility and burst but hes made of glass. So the best thing you can do is to chaos storm under you and if hes stupid enough to stand in your storm and hit you, cast a chaos armor. Now in this point the thief would have lots and lots of conditions on him wich means you could just cast your warlock and probably get him going back or even down him. BUT if this doesnt happen and he will dodge your storm you have to stay calm. He can catch you easily so dont use your Phase retreat before he gets on your skin. when your phase retreat is on cooldown, change to pistol/sword and use blurred frenzy for the distortion and stun him with your bullet and signet for so long that you can swap back to your staff. Ofcourse you can use moa morph if youre in deep trouble.

Again you may ask: "but what if i meet a ranged target"

Ranged target is not so easy for you as dealing with a melee one. Ranger is probably one of your hardest match-up but i have a few tricks for them. So lets imagine a scenario where youre defending point and a ranger jumps in. Most of the rangers in PvP are going to use shortbow so it has a REALLY high attack speed. So what you wanna do is to get near him, becouse ranged classes tend to get nervous when you are on their skin, but thats not the only reason. See, when you get near them you can cast your Chaos Storm and chaos storm gives you retaliation wich reflects damage. To keep him your Chaos Storm you can stun him with your signet. Chaos Armor is your friend too in there situations as it gives so much dmg reducion. Remember to use your Null Field on top of Chaos storm too to maintain hes boons. After you have casted your Chaos spells feel free to swap to your sword/pistol.

So I will give you few basic rules for your combat

1. Stay away from melee targets
2. Get near ranged targets
3. Use Moa morph when in trouble


Lets say the map is Forest of Niflhel. You are Red, enemy is blue. You want to rush to mines as fast as possible and capture it. Then your real job begins, Defend the point with your life.

The blue team can enter from 2 different entrances as seen in the picture. Keep the fight on the capture point so they wont just capture it while youre fighting. If you face two enemies you can try to hold them for long enough for your team to capture the keep becouse the enemy then would only have 3 players on keep. If you face three, you should call backup for the point wich means people taking the boss.

My Work Here Is Done

Thats it! Hope you have fun testing out my build and remember: Teamwork wins the game!

Be sure to thumb up my build if u like it.

Hope to see you in the battlefield!
Thank you.


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