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Nature Magic
Nature magic traits here are obvious, and there's really only one choice for each. Spirits need the extra health, as even if they aren't targeted in a group fight they'll go down to easily to AoE damage. Spiritual Knowledge is the best choice, though if you're just starting out Nature's Vengeance might be more suited. Eventually though you'll learn to watch spirit health, and if one's about to go down you'll activate the ability. Spirits unbound is pretty obviously vital, you'll need to keep them with you as much as you can, and having to stay in the same place for a minute each time sucks. The vitality provides the only additional health in the spec, which is useful, and 30% boon duration also is very helpful later on in the spec.

Wilderness Survival
The wildnerness survival trees major traits are reasonably useful. Wilderness Knowledge is taken because there really isn't a lot of other options, though you could take vigorous renewal for more dodging, but it would cut damage. Hide in plain sight is a fantastically useful trait that really helps to make up for the lack of a stun breaker, the builds main weakness. The really important features to note here though are the minor traits, endurance regeneration increased by 50% is very useful, combined with companions defense, which means that you and your pet gain protection whenever you dodge roll. This is a straight 33% damage reduction. Combined with the stone spirit (with spiritual knowledge) and the talents to increase endurance regeneration its possible to have this boon almost always up even in a solo fight. This has great synergy with Bountiful Hunter, as you should deal 5% more damage for most of the time you're fighting.

The primary skirmishing trait that you need is sharpened edges, which gives a 60% chance to bleed on crit. It's worth noting that this effect is the same as the Sigil of the Superior Earth, so could be replaced if you have a preference. This build focused on condition damage applied by having a high chance of crit. Bleeding is the main condition that is applied by the build, using sharpened edges and this trait. Its possible to stack bleeds very quickly and they tick for a lot of damage. The second trait helps to increase the amount you can dodge, once again increasing the time the protection buff is up. The minor trait Furious grip allows you to gain fury when swapping weapons in combat. Though I havent tested this for time it stacks in duration, so with Call of the Wild it should be up the majority of the time, giving 75% crit chance.

Utility Skills

Healing spring works great with this spec. While I normally run Heal as One on most of my builds, the fact that this skill provides some much needed healing to spirits as well as other party members make it a better choice. You can also make great use of the combo field and the circle perfectly encloses most bases making it great for sPvP

Slot Skills
No real surprises here. Its spirits and sharpening stone. Sharpening stone is a great skill that will really help to stack bleeds on a target. Its worth noting that activating it provides an hour long buff, so it can be used twice in the first fight of a match and in others if you prepare properly.

The Stone spirit is the next obvious choice. Lots of ability to provide protection to allies leading to a straight 33% damage reduction is great to have. It also strengthens the survival capabilities of other spirits which is very useful.

The final spirit is either the frost spirit or the sun spirit. I found that with the high condition damage in this build the sun spirit made more of a difference to damage, and any extra conditions that players have to get rid of can only be a good thing.

These two spirits can be kept up at all times provided they are not killed.

Spirit of nature is great in sPvP for group fights. Whenever I found myself in more than a 2v2 I would pop it and it really makes a world of difference. A well timed proc on all the spirits activation skills can also be hugely influential in a big fight.

Weapons and Sigils

In this build there really is only one mainhand weapon choice. While you could build a similar build by using a shortbow by good positioning (something I'll look at soon, this can be built on) or a longbow for power, I much prefer to duel weild weapons at the moment due to the fact you can have more sigils increasing the amount of customisation you can do. I have seen a lot of people using the sword in builds, and you could go with one in the secondary slot, but personally for condition stacking I will only use the Axe in the mainhand. The cooldowns on the skills are very short so there's almost always something up and splitblade is fantastic for applying bleeds if you can get up close to a target. Winters bite makes for a fantastic escape and control of melee classes. Ricochet is actually quite underrated by many, if you're facing two opponents just ricochet away. With Zephyr it can give great damage.

Off Hand
I don't really think the offhand axe provides enough utility in comparison to the other three offhands; the torch, the dagger and the warhorn. The torch is great for additional condition damage from burning, which provides much spikier damage. It also creates a fire combo field. The dagger makes a great control option, with a poison and a free evade on one skill and a ranged cripple and bleed on the other. Its really upto you which one of these you choose for your second offhand.

However the Hunters Call and Call of the Wild abilities on the warhorn make it pretty irreplaceable. Hunters Call hits 16 times. With Fury up, a 75% crit chance means 12 of those will be crits. That should be 7 or 8 bleeds alone, not counting that you should have sharpening stone up at the start of the fight, so potentially 12 or 13 bleeds from one skill. Follow that up with a splitblade and you've got massive bleed stacks. Call of the wild is a fantastic team buff, providing good damage,it also provides swiftness, allowing you to use the skill in defensive situations, after using winters bite on the axe to get away.

There are a wide variety of sigil choices for this build that are viable, basically anything that procs on crit, and it all depends what works for you. I go with a mix of increasing crit to 54%, so that a fury buff takes me to nearly 75% chance to crit, and then go with a damage sigil and a life stealing sigil. My only problem was using the right one at the right time. Sigil of the superior earth I found that I just didn't need, as I was already applying enough bleed stacks. It does work independently of sharpened edges though, so on each crit you can either get 0, (0.16 chance), 1, (0.48 chance) or 2, (0.36 chance) bleeds. You may find that this sigil is more to your liking. I'd recommend going with something that steals life, heals, removes conditions, or deals condition damage on crit, but its really upto you.

Equipment Choices and Pets

For the amulet there's only really one choice. The combination of condition damage with precision for additional crit and toughness makes the rabid amulet excellent for this build, and I'd recommend gemming it as well. With over 1.8k toughness and a consistent protection buff, even at 18k health you'll be very difficult to burst down.

I used superior rune of the undead, great for again providing much more condition damage and more toughness. You could also use the Superior rune of the thief for more condition damage and crit. As a rough guide anything with precision, condition damage and toughness is great, and some people really like certain (6) rune upgrades, so I'll leave it down to you. That's my recommendation though.

In the last Beta Weekend the only choice here is the hyena. It's activated ability summons a second hyena, so two hyenas, both with a knockdown, making it very powerful. It had great damage output, much higher than other pets. I'll have to see if anything else is more effective on release, they'll probably nerf this. A lynx pet makes a great back up as it has two abilities that bleed the foe, helping with the stack. You could also choose a much more defensive pet in the second slot, a black widow spider has an immobilise on active skill use and many wolves have useful activate skills.

Play style

So you're all geared up, what do you do in a fight? If I were to clock an enemy in a solo encounter I would have already used Sharpening Stone, so my first five attacks will bleed if they hit. I'll bring my spirits up as I run towards him and just before I get in range to use Hunter's Call I pop Call of the Wild, buffing crit chance swiftness and might. Then I use Hunter's Call, which hits the target for significant damage while applying, hopefully, just over 10 bleeds. I use winters bite if the target is melee to slow him down and split blade as I run straight for and past him. I then spin back and switch weapon sets, hit split blade once it comes up again and then burn with the torch. I'll often lay down a fire trap to stand in if the target seems to be melee.

Even with some condition dropping I should be able to put a fair stack of bleeds on the target by this point, and I'll also have been applying burns due to my sun spirit. After that combination, if it all lands, there are very few builds that survive the damage. Only a staff elementalist really has the conditional removal and healing required to beat it, but if they arent down I just continue to use split blade and hunters call, winters bite where needed for kiting and sharpening stone as often as I can. I keep Call of the Wild up as much as possible and make sure to try to keep my spirits up, and remember that everytime you weapon swap you get additional fury, which stacks in duration, so its worth doing! If you get immobilised, the first time you'll go camouflaged because of the Hide in Plain Sight trait. If it happens again you'll get into your first real spot of bother, but you should only be immobilised once in a 1v1 if youre dodging correctly, and you can dodge a lot. This spec is pretty unbeatable 1v1 and has great potential for providing group support with spirits that provide some pretty unique effects and call of the wilds up time, plus healing spring. I think its pretty damn powerful honestly. Feel free to leave comments on what you think
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1962 days ago

Don't mind a negative rating at all but I'd love it to be justified! If you don't like something about my build give us a shout down here. I'm not saying its amazing, its condition removal could be improved, I'm thinking of dropping primal reflexes for an extra 10 points and pets remove a condition from you periodically in wildnerness survival

1962 days ago

Thank you for taking the time to review my build and I am looking at yours. Why the double axe/warhorn for weapons. The CD's are internal, so you can't switch from axe to axe and use the 2* skill adnausm. I would recommend either sword/daggers (daggers have two bleeds skills as well) or shortbow, as shortbows have a few bleed skills and CC abilities. Maybe even longbow for the KB.

Only skill I find quizzical is the survival recharge. You only have 1 survival skill, and well, I understand why its in the build, because this build doesn't work without it, but the skill itself doesn't make any sense to me.

1958 days ago

The internal cooldown was an oversight on my part. I did the build rather hurridly through pure theory crafting and changed it after the recent stress test, just an oversight on my part. I said why I don't like to use bows or other 2h weapons, because of the lack of the extra sigil. If it were changed so the sigil you had equipped only affected your current weapon set it might be different, but at the moment I much prefer to dual wield for the extra customisation. While the sword is an option I didn't enjoy using it myself. I did talk about the dagger as an alternative to the torch, but I found the burns provided by the torch led to good spike damage, and that stacking bleeds wasn't a problem. Personally for my playstyle I didn't enjoy the sword, not sure why just a personal preference, but never been one for melee really. The build would be just as viable with a sword/dagger as a secondary weapon slot, like I say its down to personal preference.

Like I say in the section on Wilderness survival the primary reason for taking the points is the stat bonuses that it gives you. Hide in plain sight is a life saver and really there are only two options in the first slot, survival recharge or vigorous renewal, as I haven't chosen pets for condition damage. I found that my endurance regen was more than sufficient so I went with survival recharge. If you had any suggestions for where else I might put points I'd be happy to listen to them, but like I say the primary reason is for the stats. Thanks a lot for taking the time to look it over!

1950 days ago

I am not sure, if u knew that, but this build has been nerved massively. Once this Build was VERY strong for sure, but since the last 2 Stresstests the Spirits have been nerved so hard, that they are now WITH TRAIT SUPPORT as weak, as they were once without it. HP reduced by 50%, internal CD for 3 Seconds. Also sharpening edges bleeding stack duration got a nerv from 10 seconds duration to 6 Seconds duration.

I saw ppl cutting down their enemies in seconds with builds like this. But now it wont be possible to play him as strong as it was possible once. I wont vote u down, cause it is not a bad Build at all, BUT without having played it NOW, I cannot vote it UP. Just wanted to inform you about that sad fact :/

1950 days ago

Oh and btw, as some ppl said before, I would replace the axe/torch for a shortbow/longbow. Better CC/condition options Just MY Opinion.

1941 days ago

It has been Nerved

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