Shortbow Bleed Stacking for PvE



Hei. this is my first build here soo pleas no hate and sorry for my not soo good english in advance =D

this build is what i use on my own ranger and enjoy quite alot. it's meant for rangers either lvling, exploring or plainly pve. i have used this build in doungons, but i mostly then choose to change Sharpening stone for a spirit or "Search and rescue".

Armor and wepons

for the equiptment i use carrion. this can be changed for Rabid if you want toughnes instead of vitality, but in my experience it's better to get more vitality beeing that you will mostly stand in the background of all fights. the only thing you need to worry about is either geting targeted by ranged or a boss using powerful AoE that reaches you. also if you want a secondary dmg supply you can use rampager's. in pvp you would sacriface 3k health and 200 condition dmg which is accseptabole, but in pve you would lose most of you'r vitality. i guess if you just want dmg it can work for you, but in group events/doungouns you will die to fast to really notice it and you'r party will hafto help you up. to me that is not something i want to do and really you deal pretty much dmg to begin whit.

why Sword and Dagger as secondary wepons?

well this is a bit personal, but i love this combo. you get 3 skills that help you lose agro/evoid attacks and if you need to kite you can send out a crippeling dagger. thats the big benefits of this combo, but there is also another reason. whit this build there arent any secundary wepons that fit really. not any ranger wepon got a condition stacking capability like the shortbow. then you got two chooses, either have a longbow for switch in ranged attacks or having a sword dagger/warhorn combo. either one works great, but the extra kiting and dogde skills outways a buff in my opinion.


this is a rather plain forward trait setup. many might think you MUST get Hunter's Tactics for a ranger. in this build you wouldent see an diffrence as almoste all dmg comes from bleeding. tough if you want to change this setup pleas do, but one thing you shud know is why you shud leave the Marksmanship trait line alone. it's rather plain, 30% extra duration whit conditions is a straght forward 30% dmg bonus to all condition dmg. the dmg does not reduce whit longer durations, it stays the same just for a longer duration. this is also the reason i use rune of the nightmare, not rune of the undead. 10% extra dmg is better than maby 100 more condition dmg if your lucky.


the gameplay for this build is easy for most players. you are a dmg build and thats your role for everyting you do. the hardest part for this build is you learn to position yourself. you GOT TO to stand on the side or the back of your target. as a ranger whit a pet this should not be to hard. let your pet attack first, get behind or on the side of you target, use Sharpening Stone and Quickening zephyre if it is a vateran, champion, boss or generally thoug target. then start autoattacking and fire out your poison, after 3-4 autoattacks and your poison arrows fire of your daze/stun skill and keep auto attacking intil your targets dead.

The end

thats about it =D comment below if you see anything you think i shud improve or just general constuctiv critisem or just a comment on how if you like the build or not =D
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1926 days ago

As someone who just recently pushed a ranger to 80, I found this build works great for most purposes.

1922 days ago

I like this build. I'm curious what your pet choices are.

1883 days ago

i would say jungle spiders for team and a high health pet like a moa or a bear for soloing/if your team needs flesh sheilds

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