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PSI The Team

Hey guys clerk here this is a work in progress of my build and all the build of the poeple i play with i think this will become a very useful guide and i have been thinking about haveing all my own personal build's into one "team" so keep an eye out for that.

Clerks Bleeder

hey guys this is my bleeder build its all about conditions and condition dmg/duration. and toughness /survival i achieve 1910 toughness in this build with 1502? condition dmg and 49% crit.

109 outa 131 tourny wins with this build

Going to keep this build updated due to popular demand. as a fun spvp / sometimes tourny build


Updated changed
Changed Rampaged amulet to Rabid the extra toughness is worth it
Changed rune to undead runes
Changed trait point from 30 30 0 10 0 to 10 30 30 0 0
changed spectral armor to plaque signet

Scepter dagger
1 Blood Curse SPAM this is your main auto attack stacking bleed while your in between cool downs
2 Grasping Dead this is a good aoe bleed and snare i use this for kiting and bleed stacking
3 Feast of Corruption i use this to build life force and for a extra 1k dmg try to use it after your corrupt boon if at all possible for max dmg.
4 Deathly Swarm this is a great abilities used to blind and send conditions from me to my enemies all with some dmg
5 Enfeebling Blood used for stacking aoe bleeds great dmg. DONT FORGET WEAKNESS OMG this ability will save your live 13 secounds of weakness is op

in staff
1 Necrotic Grasp i use it to build up my death shroud inbetween staff spells
2 Mark of Blood great abilities bleeding in a small aoe for 3kish spam this.
3 Chillblains chill and poison this is amazing for kiting. reminder when soloing enemies spread this out from your fear for max kiting
4 Putrid Mark aoe dmg not bleed but VERY IMPORTANT if you are standing int he circle when i enemy runs into it you give them your conditions remember this cause your a necro and this is your calling
5 Reaper's Mark this abilities is game changing use this to save your friend before they get finished DO NOT SPAM THIS save it for critical times like when a war is about to rape you.

utilities heal clears conditions don't forget this is important
7 Corrupt Boon I use this on any class that just poped every boon on them selves welcome to every condition. (use your Feast of Corruption and Epidemic after this if at all possible)
8 Plaque Signet i love this ability first it transfer all my allies conditions to me passively then when activated it breaks stun and send all my conditions from me to my enemies (can be used through walls). so stun break condition removal from allies passive, and clear all your conditions active
9 Epididemic switched this from Spectral Grasp to Epidemic, Epidemic is amazing ex if you stack your 2 aoe bleeds on 2 people (your 2 and 5 buttons in scepter dagger) then hit epidemic the second player will have 8 stacks of bleed so from your essential doubling any aoe conditions you have on 1 or more people) this combos amazingly with corrupt boon allowing your to put every condition in the game on multiple foes.
10 Plague Form is your survival its your = to guardian heal ult also good in offense but i find it better to save for defense. while in plague form i spam 1 for dmg 2 for protection of me or my allies and 3 to snare poeple if needed. side not your 2 will blind and chill as well as poison your foe.

Tested im pretty sure bleed duration stacking is fine and not caped it just doesnt update all of them in the tool tip.

Competitive play: k so necro without a team of people to help them are very hard to play competitively. the reason being the inability to rez and finish allies/enemies. but i once thought that necro really wouldn't work well but boy i was wrong with the right group of people who play strongly to finishing and rezing people the necro provides a very valuable spot in team play with unmatched control on boons and conditions. the necro can effectively counter other condi speced players as well as reversing boon. with 3 ability to transfer your conditions to your enemy and epidemic to spread them around a necro is something to be feared. this doesn't mean they are unstoppable. and they definitely have a very refined play in team place. i mostly play as (support) and by that i mean i am not a bunker i run from base to base helping other 's defend. ex In forest i kill our pve then i run from our natural to keep and just help defend. in foe-fire i go mid and hold out with a tank then i help guard our points. in kyloh i go mid and help defend our treb / natural base. i also allays head to the opposing teams guardian to neutralize him.thanks all for the thumbs up and in game tells. as allays have great time

Player Skill Issue

Tsukasu Thief

to be updated

Alektri Bunker


With love,

Caldien's Collaborative Guardian

Notes on the runes:
I use 4 Superior Runes of the Grove, and 2 Superior Runes of Earth.
For the mix of healing/toughness and maxing out my protection duration.

I always start my game out with staff, drop empower, swiftness on gate; I then proceed to switch to GS, use the 4, then switch back to staff to use my swiftness again, I usually am always the first person to the central point I plan on bunkering down on.(I find Hammer to be a map situational weapon, not so great on Forest of Nifhel for me. I only use hammer on Khylo and Foefire.) If your really fast with your weapon swaps, you can drop the 5 on staff and switch back to hammer in time to start punting bitches on Khylo/Foefire, I always keep my inventory open in the corner of my screen. 90% of the time I just staff people constantly, drop the wall to mess with melee's etc. The goal of this build is to pretty much spam protection as much as you can, I don't ever(maybe not never, 95% of the time) lose 1v1's, I can handle 1v2, 1v3 for a short amount of time, pop your shouts as much as you can, remember to be popping your aegis virtue for the added protection, if your in a bind, pop elite. Remember to use empower if your team gets low in combination with your healing virtue. ~4-5k group heal

I don't really know what else to say, if you have questions feel free to add me in game. Dynama/Caldien

Hope this build works for you as much as it does me.

Clone Illusion's Mezmer

167/207 Tournament Wins

For weapons when you start an engagement you typically want to start out with staff and summon your warlock(3 on staff). The warlock is your highest damage ability but has a long cooldown so try to get out as many as possible in a difficult fight. Used with your staff 5 warlocks can be devastating. Use your 4 with staff when being attacked and your 2 is used to escape stuns/teleport backwards to escape and lose enemy. You want to swap weapons as soon as possible to get out another illusion. With your pistol you can stun your target, then use your signet for another stun, then use your sword 3 for snare and then 2 on sword. This combo is GREAT for quick CC/burst. Many people can be killed with this combo before they are even able to move.

Another vital point to playing this is to try to separate your illusions. If your illusions are stacked up they can easily die by any aoe. Engineers can be a huge problem because of this. YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR ILLUSIONS STACKED AND DIE. Cant stress this enough. I prefer not to use the signet that increases illusion health. However your utilities are entirely up to you. They are interchangeable and in different situations are much better than the ones i currently use. My play style is mainly kiting while allowing illusions to kill.

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1949 days ago

Hey Clerk. Loved your Necro build used it the other day playing necro for the 1st time and after getting used to it i found its a crazy fun and effective way to play necro. I have also been using your thief build (thief is my main) and have been absolutely loving it but tell Tsukasu to get his build up here ASAP I would like to see how your friend plays his thief because i am always on the look out for new things to try!

1843 days ago


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