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Please let me know something if you got some improvements :)

Divine Azure


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1923 days ago

If it's a point holder, then why are you focussing on dmg?
Bloodlust sigil on sword? The superior Life is better. And don't use 2 'on kill' sigils it's a waste. Just swap weapon's when you stomp/kill somebody.
I like Sigil of water but if you are running 2 times energy it might be good to run 2 sigils of leeching.
I also think a hammer is way better than the sword/focus. You need the CC and ring of warding to cap/neutralize points.
If you go to tournies, i wouldn't take Save Yourselves because the necro will turn the boons into conditions.
Hold the Line is a good skill, but I think you shouldn't use it. Because if you run Hammer - Mace/shield you got plenty of regen/prot.

Valor: Purity - Honorable Shield - Altruistic Healing
Honor: I put 20 in Honor and use the symbol traits (I also think your honor traits are a waste)
Virtues: I put 20 in them

Runes: Since you have high health I think the Doylak runes are overkill. Maybe use runes of earth.

This is what I use, and what I prefer:

Sorry if I offended you,
I just try to be constructive!


1923 days ago


I tried to my first build, so I think it is normal there are some mistakes in it :)
I realy thank you for your comment it helped me a lot with my build and with understanding some things.

I tried it again after some improvements and it works better.


Divine Azure

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