Offensive MesMer


Explenation why I use this build

With this build I have a 70.1% chance to Crit on enemies or mops.
While my HP is still 20872 what I think is very nice for a Mesmer.
At 25% I get a wake up call with the trait Desperate Decoy :
it will cloak me for a few seconds and it will put a clone in my place
I always use that skill with my Blink utility skill to put some distance
to me and enemies to heal up and go back into the fight.
Author: TheCrippler
Tags: PvP Mesmer
Views: 2024
Type: PVP
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1959 days ago

Ive tried something very similar to this build and it doesnt work because of lack of power and without phantasmal haste your phantasms attacks will be to slow to do any viable damage. Also your crit chance is high but your crit damage is low meaning your not going to do enough damage even if you crit every hit. The current problem with the mesmer is you need power but most of the skills in the power trait domination are not as useful as the others. Also with the nerf on phantasmal haste a phantasm spec build is not worth it anymore. Ive yet to see a huge burst mesmer after this nerf but if you need something to go on look uo xeph power mesmer on youtube.

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