Necro Lich power crit build


Lich form traits!!!!!

here is my lich form necro build. it was the first build i tryed as a necro in pvp. i did alot of damage in lich form and it was awsome ;D

Weapon's that i use is Staff, Axe and warhorn.


Author: Jokew8
Tags: PvP,Lich form,POWER! crit!
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Type: PVP
Rating: 60% 3 voteup 2 votedown

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1986 days ago

nice offensive build, but imo u forgot to give some points to blood magic, to get heal fron good dmg and crit bec now u are too easy to kill :)

1986 days ago

of course i give +1

1986 days ago

yeh, am gonna look more into it :P

1986 days ago

Here is too many troll voting negatives on buids. they are wow fans for sure...

1986 days ago

this seems like a bad build to me why would you build something around a 180sec CD. great your doing good damage when your in it but then what.

1985 days ago

it does alot of damage, but the bad thing about this build is that you cant survive long, so you do need to use your DS at the right time and dont stand close to foes

1979 days ago

nice build, crits axe with vamp, rly nice +1

1978 days ago


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