Mezmerize - Kill'em all.



That's my new build for ruling sPvP.

I've made a gameplay video, I think it's better than writing thousand of words ;)

Like in every build, utility-skills are a matter of taste, so feel free to change them as you want.

I'm always top3 and win nearly every 1on1 or 2on1.

I hope you like it! Pls comment and rate!

Author: zantekk
Tags: sword, pistol, greatsword, strength, crit
Views: 22298
Type: PVP
Rating: 100% 2 voteup 0 votedown

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1947 days ago

I like this guild a lot, have been looking for one like this :D might trade out your rune for ogre rune (just because I personally love that rune xD) (and might put 5 in chaos and 15 in illusions, not sure if 9% max damage reduction is as good as confusion on every shatter) but all of that is just a little bit of personal preference, great guild +1

1947 days ago

nevermind didn't see you had 5 unspent points >_< so ignore the last part

1942 days ago

Whats the point of phantasm traits if your not using phantasms?

1924 days ago

there is 5 points unspent!!

1638 days ago

5 points unspent, build updated check out my mesmer builds!

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