Mesmer CoRet build


CoRet build


This build is going to focus on doing damage in as many ways as possible to make sure your enemy cannot kill you without getting downed himself. CoRet stands for Confusion, Conditions and Retaliation. It also uses regular dps to take down your opponent. It does not rely on crit chance.

This build is very useful in 1v1 PvP, while keeping a high survivability for 2vs1 situations. You should have enough time to call in some backup.
It is also completely thief-proof. By using different skills you can negate the thiefs high initial damage output and counter them at the same time.
However, when facing high condition builds, it is recommended to swap out the illusionary defender for the disenchanter, which will give you the upper hand when facing necromancers and condition thieves.


Staff: provides a lot of conditions and boons. Especially chaos winds is very useful to interrupt resing opponents and for providing a safehouse when resing your allies, as well as just creating a great combo-field for your allies and yourself (with the staff-2 leap skill). The warlock is one of the strongest illusions in group fights and does regular dps.

Recommended sigil: any weapon swap sigil (poison-chill-bleed etc...)

Scepter: Great defensive weapon. Mainly used for applying confusion.

Recommended sigil: sigil of minor corruption (stacks cond damage on kill)

Torch: Nice stealth skill with added burning damage (2k+). The phantasmal mage is essential to this build as it will give both confusion to enemies and retaliation to allies.

Recommended sigil: any weapon swap sigil (poison-chill-bleed etc...)

Armor runes
Use superior rune of the undead to maximize condition damage and toughness. If you want more toughness this can be swapped out for rune of the engineer with a different sixth rune (divinity)


Mainly based on inflicting confusion and high survivability, while also having good power and condition damage. Good synergy coming from toughness/inspiration lines. Boosting condition damage and survivability. Minor changes can easily be made to alter the build at personal will. (Some traits aren't really necessary for succeeding with this build).

Start with staff.
Open up with phantasmal warlock and place your chaos field between you and your enemy. Pop chaos armour while running towards the field and then use the staff 2 skill while standing in it (so you get a second chaos armour). Walk back in the field and switch to scepter and torch. Pop phantasmal mage and scepter-3 skill to apply confusion.
Proceed by getting in defensive mode: use skill 2 and 4 for negating damage and pop you phantasmal defender for even less damage. Only heal when you have at least 2 illusions out. Once you can get back to staff, do it to apply more conditions and go back in offense. Your opponent should have a hard time getting you to low health.
Use your portal everytime you leave a point behind undefended so you can get back.
The second utility skill is a passive one, you won't really need it.

That's what it comes down to. Once you get the hang of it, there won't be much that can't kill you. You might not be able to kill very defensive builds though. That's what you need a team for :p

Hope this build makes you better at Pvp!

Author: Ashumet
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1895 days ago

looks good, versatile and effective. I was looking for a confusion torch build so I think I'll use this as a template.

1895 days ago


1893 days ago

See the weapons section of the written-out guide for the sigils.

1893 days ago

Added the sigils I use, however, you should just see what suits you best. I recommend keeping the sigil of minor corruption though.

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