Mesmer burst tourney build


Very strong burst damage, medium survivability.

This is definitely my best build. You should always use a similar mesmer build for tournaments, or you will find yourself way weaker than other mesmers. I have managed to kill defensive guardians with it (only with 25 stacks of the bloodlust sigil though). Survival eles can also be dealt with but usually require at least 1 minute :-s. With both bunker eles and guardians, always call for backup as they will knock you out of the point and neutralize it, no matter what you do. Mesmers need space.

Open up with a duelist and pistol stun, then leap with sword 3 to immobilze and combo with a blurred frenzy. On top of that, shatter the 2 current illusions (mind wrack) whilst doing the blurred frenzy.
Then get back a bit whilst dodging to create clones, applying a lot of conditions (especially with the Illusions VII trait) and pull out the illusionary warlock, while also playing defensive with the chaos winds and chaos armor (don't forget the combo finisher-leap with chaos winds+illusionary leap), it gives you a chaos armor, combine this with the staff-4 skill to get long chaos armors)

You should now have at least 6 stacks of might. Use your null field when there's a lot of conditions on you or on your teammates. Decoy when under the effects of cc. Portal is for mobility (point defending). Mesmers should defend sidecaps and when there's no enemies, go to the central point for a time warp. This will often make a huge difference for your team.

For more of a bleed build, use rampager's amulet. In open maps, it can also be more effective to use focus instead of pistol (more mobility + cc). Superior rune of the ogre is slightly better on some occasions but only if you get the rock dog. As I don't like to leave things to chance, I always use superior rune of might, as you will always have the 5% extra damage because you're constantly under the effects of might.

TIP: always use shatter f4 when you have at least one illusion and you're at 1/3rd of the stomping bar. This will make sure you get the stomp directly on necro, warrior, guardian, ranger and engi. Don't use time warp when you don't really need it. It has very long cooldown. If you may lose a battle without it, always use it though.

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