Longbow Ranger, pretty decent dmg



The 4th utility skill is up to you depending on what you need. I normally switch between Signet of the Hunt and Signet of Stone.

Normal Rotation:
Starting with Axe/Warhorn
5th skill
Switch to Longbow
Rampage As One
3rd Skill (Hunter's Shot)
2nd skill (Rapid Fire) / Quickening Zephyr
Repeating 3rd and 2nd skill...
Switching back to Warhorn when there is 11 to 10 seconds left on QZ.
Auto attack with axe, tossing the second or third ability out before using both warhorn abilities, I suggest 5 then 4, then switching back to longbow.

Using the rest of the skills when needed.


Armor: Berserker's
Armor Upgrades: Ruby Orbs
Necklace: Cavalier's
Accessories: Cavalier's and Berserker's
Rings: Berserker's
Back: Cavalier's
Weapons: Berserker's
Currently I'm using Sentinel's just for a bit of vitality.
If you get lucky in fractals, I'd go one Caviler's and one Berserker's for off-set, if you need the toughness, otherwise pew pew pew with Berserker's.
Weapon Sigils: ???


Brown Bear for Shake it Off.
Cave Spider for Weakening Venom.

Brown Bear for Shake it Off.
Jungle Stalker for Mighty Roar.


This is just how I do it, in no way shape or form is this required.
I will update this when I make up my mind on which sigils I like, or when I tweak my spec/gear in game.
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