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Flamethrower + Elixir Gun support build

I really enjoy this build in PvE/Dungeons, The Duel Circles of Healing as I call them provided by the Elixir gun in combination with the Tools Trait IV - Kit Refinement help any group stay alive longer, The toolbelt utility of Throw Elixir R - curing conditions and reviving allies is very useful this provides a +20% reviving pulse per second for 6 seconds where thrown on the ground. The Firearms trait XI - Juggernaut, has not been updated on this site, it should read, You gain 200 toughness while wielding a flamethrower. In addition, gain might for 15 seconds every 3 seconds, as long as you remain in this weapon kit. The added might from this helps to provide additional damage as I have zero points in the +Power / Explosives Trait line. I enjoy the aoe blind provided by Smoke Vent on the Flamethrower and the knock-backs I have Air Blast with the Flamethrower / Magnetic Inversion on the Off-hand shield, to help with controlling enemies.
Author: intracide
Tags: Support Engineer
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Type: PVP
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