Guardian Tanky Support (Middle Node Holder)


This Guardian build is Tanky, but offers great healing & useful shouts.

This build is designed to hold down the middle Control Point in TPvP.

The build uses Shouts as the 'Utility skills' and they give such great utility to your allies during a team fight, and it could be what you need to help turn the tides.

You can switch out "Save Yourselves!" for "Purging Flames", but I felt like that skill didn't offer enough (due to the Pure of Voice trait) to constitute using it any more. You could also take "Sanctuary" if you feel that would be a better choice to compliment your team setup.

Guides can always do with some improvement! So ... feel free to leave feedback below, it will be much appreciated. Contact me in-game 'Darieu.4293' for further information or help with any Class.

Author: Darieu
Tags: Tank, Defender, Support, Greatsword, Shouts
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Type: PVP
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