Guardian Hybrid (DPS and Support)


This Guardian Build is a Hybrid, so to speak.

This build tends to offer a mixture of goodies to the team.
Applying heavy damage and using great Meditation skills (condition removal) to help conquer the enemy team. Switch weapon sets often to prevent auto-attacking and to keep your team up for as long as possible.

"Stand Your Ground!" is a choice to change, possibly for "Merciful Intervention", but I felt the CD (Cooldown) on that skill was far too long for the small amount of healing it does and Stability is such a great boon to give to your team.

Guides can always do with some improvement! So ... feel free to leave feedback below, it will be much appreciated. Contact me in-game 'Darieu.4293' for further information or help with any Class.

Author: Darieu
Tags: Scepter, Hybrid, Support, Meditation
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Type: PVP
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