Guardian Burning DPS


Offensive Guardian

Fairly simple build based around keeping a burning condition on your enemy at all times while using a 2H for massive damage.

- Fiery Wrath improves overall damage done while target is burning
- Superior Rune of Balthazar helps to keep burning up even when you need to heal
- Searing Flames adds a near constant boon remover from targets
- Judge's Intervention and Purging Flames also used to keep burning up
- Sword of Justice in conjunction with A Fire Inside adds another source for the burning condition
- Two-handed Mastery, Greatsword Power, and Zealous Blade for a needed increase in non-condition dps

Criticism appreciated and welcome!

Author: DukeZeek
Tags: Melee, DPS, Guardian, PvE
Views: 30473
Type: PVE
Rating: 50% 2 voteup 2 votedown

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1973 days ago

I like this build and plan to respec

1571 days ago

I am the god of helfile & I bring u fire dut-du-du! Muhahahahah!
Like it so far but am only 40. Only thing i change is the 1h Mace, I use Scepter instead

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