GS/Rifle Solo PVE build


This is a build I have been using for a little while now and has been good to me so far.
Your main dmg source will be the greatsword which is in your main hand.
Being this build is more for PvE, I felt that going heavy in signets would not hurt if not help the build which let me increase my precision greatly, that is where 'Deep Strikes' shines. Tho that can be changed to personal preference. I have equipped a knights armor set with full 'Superior Rune of the Soldier' on each. That gives you a nice mix of both Toughness and Vitality and if you use more shouts it will help pull conditions. Accessories are all berserker's which helps with dmg. When is comes to combat I like to get my 25 kills with my rifle to get the 25 stack bloodlust buff then switch back to the greatsword. It's a pretty basic build which has a little of everything. I am sure most people have the build of their taste already but I hope it will help someone out :) This build can be used in WvWvW but make sure you use more shouts than signets as CC will destroy you otherwise.
Author: Rome
Tags: Greatsword, Rifle, PvE
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Type: PVE
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