Fire Guardian


This build is just for a little bit of fun. I enjoyed being a Giant norn shooting blue flames everywhere like a boss for a considerable amount of damage. the traits that deal extra damage to foes on fire and increased burning condition work well together. the increased elite form trait will increase the time using tome of wrath which is a big advantage. I also did this because Norn have a racial elite skill that allows you to be an animal from either bear, snow leopard, wolf and raven (its funny to look at) and thus increasing the time being in these forms.
Author: alphamao
Tags: fire, condition, guardian
Views: 6724
Type: PVE
Rating: 40% 2 voteup 3 votedown

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2002 days ago

In my opinion, your build suffers from an identity crisis.

You claim Fire guardian and obviously want to do damage through Burning, yet you have very low condition damage and very high raw damage output.

You also cannot use racial elites in PvP.

2001 days ago

aahhh, thank you very much. I will change it now. further input would be grateful.

2001 days ago

A burning build without scepter? Even though it gives burning 1sec every hit everytime?

2001 days ago

@Stillstanden Where did you read Scepter was burning target?

2001 days ago

BW3. its not common knowledge but along with making the scepter a 1200 range weapon they added applies burning aswel.

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