Engineer: The Way of the Flamethrower (PVE)




This build is designed for maximized PVE play. This provides a massive amount of AoE, decent survivability, and outputs a large amount of direct and condition damage. It works well solo and in parties, best of all it's easy to use while leveling.

With this build you'll be laughing maniacally as you MELT everything around you.


Because this build has two main focuses, one of them being condition damage, this path is the obvious choice. It provides you with +300 Precision and +300 Condition Damage.

Precise Sights - Gives you a chance to stack Vulnerability on crit, which means more damage output.

Napalm Specialist - Makes your burn conditions last even longer!

Juggernaut - In a recent update Juggernaut has been changed and is now INCREDIBLY strong with this build: You gain 200 toughness while wielding Flamethrower. In addition, gain might for fifteen seconds every 3 seconds as long as you remain in the weapon kit. That means 6 stacks of might before you even start fighting. Throw in all of you HGH Elixers and you'll be sitting at comfortable 12 might stacks for the majority of the fight.


The second major focus of this build is utilizing elixers. These things truly, pardon the pun, add fuel to the fire.

Fast Acting Elixers - This trait is important because it should enable you to have an Elixer B ready for every fight.

Deadly Mixture - 15% extra damage with my flamethrower? YES PLEASE.

H.G.H. - This is what makes this build SING, every time you use an elixer you become a monster for 20 seconds and you can get in 2 elixers per fight if not more.

Most combat will drop you below 75% HP, meaning that you'll be taking an Elixer B from your passive in 95% of your fights, what this boils down to is multiple stacks of Might, Fury, and Swiftness! That doesn't even take into account you F1, F2, and F3 tossed elixers.

Can you feel that? That's your Energy Conversion Matrix and it's starting to glow!

INVENTIONS or What to do with your final 10 points?

An argument can be made for any of the three remaining traits (Explosives, Inventions, and Tools).

I take Inventions for two main reason, the first is surviability, that tougness is amazing and compassion makes Elixer H just a little more potent.

Low Health Response System - When you drop below 25% HP you get an added regeneration rate, which is just a bonus.

Energized Armor - The real reason I take Inventions is this bonus, which converts 5% of toughness into power. That's juts FANTASTIC! You're coming away with 100 toughness which puts you at just over 1100 NATURAL toughness at level 80, that alone is a bonus 55-60 Power. Then you have to factor in the toughness your equipment gives you and WOW!

Explosives will give you 100 more power (which could be considerably less than 5% of your toughness converted to power) and 10% Condition Damage (this is really good). Either Incendiary Power which will give you a chance to stack another burn condition or Empowering Adrenaline which will grant your bonus damage when your endurance isn't full. As you can see this is alluring, but for me it's not as strong as Inventions.

Tools will give you 10% crit damage (fantastic) and 10% decresed cooldowns for your toolbelt skills (WOW!). Now those are some SOLID bonuses not to mention that when you use a toolbelt skill you recharge 10% of your lost endurance. Tools loses some of its appeal from your choices for the 10 point trait, none of them are really appealing to me and I'd ultimately settle for static discharge, I almost never take my kit off so Kit Refinement isn't very strong.

Obviously do what you feel works best for your play style, but I'd suggest Inventions as it offers the strongest returns for your 10 points.


This is what my general combo looks like:
Take Elixer B
Initiate with Flame Blast (immediately, you don't want to waste your boons!). Ensure that you're an appropriate distance so that when the ball explodes it damages your target(s).
Spam Flame Jet as the mob(s) approach (you can put this on auto-attack by ctrl+right clicking it)
Drop Napalm down in front of you so that the mob(s) stand in it or at the very least cross through it. I generally don't need this if there's only 1 normal mob, I use this for multiple mobs or veterans.

Make sure that Flame Blast is off cooldown, if it isn't spam a Flame Jet until it is.
Once Flame Blast is off cooldown, hit the mob(s) with Air Blast, knocking them back.
Then immediately hit Flame Blast, if done correctly (fast enough) you should hit the mob(s) with the explosion as they're running back. You can always dodge backwards before firing just to make double sure it hits.

If you're lucky your napalm line will still be up and they'll cross back through it trying to get to you.
Now, if your enemies still have a decent amount of health or you're low (you shouldn't be) hit them with Backdraft, which will blind them. When a mob is blinded it has a high chance of missing its attacks, remember this when you're facing elites or find yourself tanking a group of mobs as this ability is an AoE and will hit everyone in melee range of you.
Spam Flame Jet until everything dies.
Take Elixer C whenever you get a condition or multiple conditions (it's better for multiple conditions), you probably won't need this very often.
There are two major uses for Supply Crate. The first and most important is that it's your OH SHIT! button. Are you close to death? Is your Elixer H on CD? Don't think you'll get a rally? Drop the supply crate! The second use is for Veterans, Champions, and Event Bosses, drop it ON TOP of these enemies once you have aggro or you're sure someone else has aggro so they don't turn and destroy the turrets.

NOTE: this combo is meant for relatively stationary combat, it works for the majority of fights, but there are times when you'll have to kite mobs and this isn't intended for that. If you're kiting just run in a decent circle, spam Flame Jet and Flame Blast and hit them with Backdraft whenever possible and if you need to heal hit the mobs with Air Blast and pop your Elixer H.


You can easily work towards this build while leveling.

Firepower > Alchemy > Inventions

What I mean is that your first 10 points should go into Firepower, your next 10 points should go into Alchemy, and your third ten points should go into Inventions. Once you unlock the second tier of traits, reset and put 20 points into Firepower and 10 points into Alchemy. Once you have 20 points into Alchemy you work on inventions.

It's a fairly simple concept.

Amulets, Jewels, Runes, & Sigils

Remember that our most wanted stats are: Power, Condition Damage, Toughness, and Precision.

Equipment In General:

Power = Condition Damage > Toughness > Precision >> Vitality.

In a perfect world our Power and Condition Damage would be equal. Realistically it's okay if one is higher than the other, just remember that you aren't trying to focus one of those over the other, but both of them at the same time. Toughness is our next most important stat (assuming you followed my suggestion and put 10 points into Inventions for Energized Armor) as it gives us survivability and damage. Precision is also important, because the more precision we have the higher critical chance we have and the more often we critical we'll have a higher likelihood to stack even more conditions. It doesn't fall higher on the list because as an Engineer our precision is naturally pretty high, plus we've already increased it by 300 with our points in Firearms.

An ideal piece of armor will have either Power or Condition Damage, Toughness, and Precision. However if you find a piece that has Vitality but no Toughness or Vitality but no Precision, that's okay, just not ideal.

Amulet, Jewels, & Crest:

in sPVP the perfect amulet is the Rabid Amulet, as it gives a ton of condition damage, toughness, and precision. However, in PVE you'll just want to follow the general rules for equiping yourself above.

You can find Seals/Medallions/Crests of the Rabid for fairly cheap on the Trading Post, which are great to use while leveling and for lowlevel gear because you'll swiftly outlevel armor and should consistently be upgrading, with the right salvage kit you can retrieve the crest and put it in your new armor.

Once you hit 80, and begin to get you final gear you'll want to put in Runes.


There are two major Rune sets that I like for this build. I would consider the first to be the best and most relevant for PVE and the second to work for both PVE and PVP (WvWvW and sPVP)

Superior Rune of the Flame Legion x6

(1) +25 Power
(2) +15% Burn Duration
(3) +50 Power
(4) +5% chance to cause burning for 1s when hit. (5s Cooldown)
(5) +90 Power
(6) +5% Damage against burning foes.

In total that comes out to 165 bonus Power, +15% burn duration, and most importantly +5% damage against burning foes. The chance to cause burning on hit is a nice bonus but not necessarily amazing. But that 5% extra damage against burning foes is FANTASTIC. This Rune set TRULY synergizes with this build.

Superior Rune of the Afflicted x6

(1) +28 Condition Damage
(2) +15% Bleed Duration
(3) +55 Condition Damage
(4) +15% Poison Duration
(5) +100 Condition Damage
(6) +Create a death nova when you go down

There are two issues with this rune. The first is that we don't stack poison in this build (however the PVP build does, more on that in the section below this). When compared to the chance to burn of the Flame Legion rune we aren't losing out on much with this stat. The second problem is that we don't get a 5% damage bonus, instead we get a death nova. The death nova is wonderful for getting that much needed Rally when you go down, but it's just not as powerful as the Flame Legion rune.

Ultimately the choice is simple, if you plan to use my PVP build in WvWvW then pick the Afflicted set, but if you plan on just using this build here and everywhere go with the Flame Legion rune.


There are two major choices for Sigils, others work but I've found these two to be the most useful.

Superior Sigil of Earth - +60% chance on Critical: Inflict Bleed (5s)

Stacking conditions is one of the main focuses of this build and adding a high likelihood of stacking more bleeds on multiple targets is just too good for me to pass up.

Superior Sigil of Ice - +30% chance on Critical: Inflict Chill (2s)

Chill is a wonderful tool for kiting/slowing down foes. This makes fighting Veteran mobs solo a lot easier.


This build is not intended for PVP, but it can be done, but better than that my PVP build doesn't require you to spend gold to reset your trait points.

This build has small PVP capabilities. It can work, it's just not as strong as it could be. I do like to go into WvWvW with this build with my rifle out to draw someone into a 1v1 situation, where they underestimate me because of my relatively low damage with the rifle. Once they get into range I swap to the Flamethrower and they stand no chance. I also like that you can easily tag and damage multiple players with this resulting in quite a few Badges of Honor. However, this build ultimately falls flat and is a little on the boring side in PVP.

I have created a PVP build that uses the same three talent trees (30 in Firearms, 30 in Alchemy, and 10 in Inventions) that works in BOTH WvWvW and sPVP. I would recommend checking it out as it's incredibly fun to use:

All it requires is that you invest in a pistol, a shield, and swapping your abilities and traits when you go into WvWvW. This takes all of 45 seconds to accomplish!


You'll want to stack Condition Damage and Power, if you go Inventions and you can also get Toughness make sure to do that, but your main stats are Power and Condition Damage. They'll allow you to output massive amounts of damage from both your direct attacks and the conditions you leave on your foes.

This is a very strong build that provides you room to customize to your play style as well as grow into as you level your character. This is by no means a PVP build and shouldn't be used as such.

If you would like to see my PVP build it's here:

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1992 days ago

For some reason my build was accidentally deleted, I tried to prevent it but it got deleted even though I said no. Anyways, the build was updated because Juggernaut is now one of the strongest traits ever.

1992 days ago

Massively Fun!

1992 days ago

Juggernaut + H.G.H. = incredible.

1992 days ago

I like the PVP build too!

1992 days ago


Really greate build. Perfect event farmer :)
I use this with only small changes:

1. Precise sight isnt worth it... vulnerability stack is only for one second (i think...) so it boosts damage for something like 2-4% only :/
Instead, I choose Infused Precision for mobility (practically permanent swiftness) - to compensate juggernauth penatly.

2. Equipping FT disables ALL bonuses from weapons - stats AND sigils... if playing with FT You can just have empty hands (I hope they will change it a little in the future... adding sigils would be nice)

3. Personally Im choosing Explossives as a last 10 points trait... It's not only power but also 10% conditions duration... 10% more damage from condition damage :)
But - like You said - Its more about a playstyle.

4. Elixir C is boring :D Spamming flamethrower at double speed with Elixir U is soooo FUN to watch ;)

1992 days ago

Well I still love this guide so I guess +1 again.

1992 days ago

aY277, you're right about the flamethrower I didn't even realize. Thank you I will make some edits to my build.

Juggernaut no longer gives you a movement speed reduction, there is no cons to Juggernaut anymore. It stacks might with no movement speed loss. So Infused Precision is nice for the movement speed, but not necessary. Precise Sights however has the chance to stack multiple times per Flame Jet so even with its short duration the damage is still worth more that movement speed for me.

I love Elixer U as well, I think that Elixer C is better for survavability purposes. So obviously if you're event farming Elixer U is going to be fantastic, but if you're trying to solo a champion mob that debuffs Elixer C would be better. But yeah it's all playstyle! Glad you like the build and thanks for the imput!

1991 days ago

Hey just out of curiosity, in boss fights, like in dungeons and stuff, is it actually worth taking the time to move out of Flame Jet range to use Flame Blast (which I occassionally mess up the distance for) in order to line up the explosion perfectly? It just seems like for that quick damage burst my time would be better spent constantly Flame Jetting to keep my burns up and stuff.

1991 days ago

Peckerwood, there's what I'd call a sweetspot for most boss fights where you can hit him with both your Flame Jet and the explosion of Flame Blast without moving back or forth. It just takes practice to get the right range.

1991 days ago

Awesome build, I was building this before the change but got a little disappointed. But now im back into it since like you said, there are no cons for juggernaut now! (just hope the 50% slow is suppose to be gone...)

1991 days ago

Really fun. Good job.

1991 days ago

Cheers Bewb I'll give it a try.

1990 days ago

Napalm Specialist - does this actually work? .2 seconds more on a 1 second burn doesn't seem like a lot. And it still shows as 1 second for the burns instead of 1.2s. So yah.. UI bug but still working?

1990 days ago

Nyra, It does work and an extra tick or two of 300+ damage is more than worth it. You will also get a bonus +15% longer burns once you have 2 Superior Runes of Flame Legion. Obviously, this stuff isn't all set in stone. ArenaNet is still playing with things and I have done very little in the way of math here. As far as I'm aware there are no third party programs available for me to truly monitor this build's DPS output and configure it accordingly. However, this build has always been intended to be flexible. If you feel like those couple of ticks of burning aren't enough feel free to replace it with Fireforged Trigger or any other ability you feel fits you better. I'll personally take the extra DPS over my other options.

1985 days ago

Really nice build, especailly now with change to juggernaut, but i found that it doesnt have constant burning at least without Rune of Flame Legion and that additional 20% longer burning. Have you consider using Pistol/Pistol for it's 4 ability(i know swaping deactivates autoattack) or Incediary Powder from Explosives Trait line?

1984 days ago

Utility skills are so off

1981 days ago

Bewb, thanks for all the detail - it's rare that people take the time to post how to use the build to max effectiveness. It's appreciated! And melting enemies into goo with the flamethrower is hella fun.

1977 days ago

funny how weapon sigils do not affect flamethrower or any kit for that matter, neither do the stats or damage on your weapon. :/

1977 days ago

is there a reason why rifle is used instead of pistols? considering all the condition damage this build has

1963 days ago

Rifle is used instead of pistol because it pierces it has more range and its more useful on bosses. Great build btw

1806 days ago

I love the build. This is what I've been using my first 64 levels so far. My only question I have is about gear leveling, would you go with Rampager's, Knight's, etc. as far as crafted armor? How is the build these days? Pretty much the same? Very fun stuff.

1697 days ago

Just wanted to add that the explosion on Flame Blast can be manually triggered by hitting 2 a second time while the ball is in the air. This allows you to hit more targets without sacrificing position in an effort to increase damage.

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