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Note - This article is currently a work-in-progress

Currently most Warriors use Greatswords as their main weapon. I wanted to break this stigma and go for something most warriors never do: Being a team player. Interested? Read on.


Sword | Sword
Dual swords is all about bleeding your foes. You will easily be maintaining 16-20 bleeds that are constantly ticking down damage. The single "Sigil of Superior Earth" serves to add an additional bleed every 5 seconds and the "Sigil of Superior Blood" serves to mitigate some of the incoming damage you will be receiving (you're melee after-all).

Now I want to cure some possible confusion. Why Superior Earth versus Superior Agony (10% longer bleed duration)? Well, bleeds inflicted in this build last 8 seconds by default. We gain 20% more duration out of the 20 points in Strength, as well as a 50% increase off Deep Cuts. Finally our "Superior Rune of the Centaur" increases it another 15%. All in all this is a 85% increase in length, meaning our bleeds last ~15 seconds. The extra 10% off Agony would only add another second onto the 16 or so bleeds we can easily maintain on mobs. As a result, it'd be like having a bonus 1.5 bleeds going on due to this Sigil. However, with Superior Earth, which we'll most likely be getting off every 5-6 seconds, we'd be getting an 2-3 additional bleeds during the same time-frame (15 seconds). If you still want to use Agony go ahead, I just feel that the math shows Superior Earth to be slightly more efficient for this build. It honestly won't hurt it much to use Agony.

A ranged off-hand is a must in dungeons. You simply will need to fight at range in several locations. However, we can use this to our advantage. To that front I use a "Sigil of Superior Battle". We only have a 5 second weapon swap delay (due to 15 points in Discipline), so even if you don't need to fight at range you should be swapping weapons every 15 seconds.


(6) Mending
In most situations Mending is your best heal. It's basically a get out of jail free card. If, however, you know that you won't be dealing with a lot of CC or DoTs switch over to Healing Surge.

(7) "For Great Justice!"
Even if we weren't supporting this skill would be used. It's basically a staple in every warrior build. Huge buff to not only yourself, but allies near you.

(8) "On My Mark!"
Another shout, but a great one for bosses. Basically it's a 10% damage buff against a single target and for bosses that's very important.

(9) Signet of Might
A nice passive buff to you, but it becomes a great buff when activated. It's not AoE, but we can be selfish in one our skills. Can't we?

(0) Battle Standard
This banner is amazing for fighting bosses. Stability, Fury and Might when you stand near it. You can't be knocked down and you hit harder. Amazing. No other elite would work better than this.
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1925 days ago

I've tried this build and several variants on it at level 80. I find it effective and versatile. It's a great alternative to the plethora of greatsword builds around, and unlike them, it's more than a one-trick pony. If you want to drop the sigil-swapping, feel free to go up a defensive line with the discipline points instead, as that's also quite workable and was what I did until I could get my hands on the weapon sigils.

Great work.

1924 days ago

By the way, if you don't find the move speed buff from Discipline III necessary, a nice alternative is to move V over to the first slot and take the trait that makes shouts give adrenaline. More adrenaline is more Flurry, after all.

1924 days ago

@DHobbit - Thanks for replying =D Yeah, I've been messing around with this build at 80 as well (though I haven't used any of the Sigil's yet simply due to trouble finding people selling them). I've been tweaking my trait's and skill line-up a bit as well, so I plan to update it. The biggest change I've made thus far has been dropping the Signet of Might for Stomp as it gives you some nice CC if you get surrounded (which is this builds biggest weakness in Orr).

1922 days ago

Any suggestion on what trait line I should concentrate on? I am 41 and plan to do AC explorable.

1921 days ago

I've been using Fear Me! on occasion for similar purpose. I'll play around with stomp now too and see which I like better.

1915 days ago

what should the armor stats be focused on? preccision power & condition dmg? ty for the answer

1913 days ago

I'm currently planning on a hybrid of "Condition Damage + Precision + Toughness" and "Condition Damage + Power + Vitality". I don't have the set done yet, but I feel this combination will be a great balance between the stats. Ideally I'd like "Condition Damage + Power + Toughness" but no heavy armor set has those stats.

1659 days ago

I would suggest getting an axe as off-hand weapon instead of the sword. The damage increase is gonna be insane!

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