Dungeon Support/Healing Focus Staff Elementalist



This build is intended to maximize the advantage of your healing/water abilities and utilize quick attunement switching (thanks to Arcane) to always grant the ideal Staff Combo Field Buff with either Arcane Wave (a blast finisher meant to activate the field combos) or Eruption. Also, it assumes you are usually going to be casting Ice Elemental/Lesser Ice Elemental, which can heal your teammates and create easy Frost Fields for your to give your teammates Frozen Aura with.

One thing I want to emphasize is that no matter how hard you try, you cannot be a dedicated "healer" in Guild Wars 2. The cooldowns of your two burst healing abilities, Geyser and Healing Rain, are too long to just sit around in Water Attunement if you want to be maximally effective. The heal from the Water auto attack is nice in certain situations, but often it is better to either A) Focus on keeping your enemy Vulnerable with your #2 water ability (Ice Shard?) or B) Switch attunements and focus on doing CC (for enemies your team needs to kite) via Frozen Field, Static Field, Earth immobilize/slow, etc, or even damage (switch to fire, drop Lava Font and Meteor). Don't get in the mentality of just sitting there and trying to heal your team - it is important to use all of your abilities effectively based on what your team needs. Remember - you also have the ability to give powerful auras, like Area Might, Area Swiftness, or Area Frost Armor.

This build is intended to be effective for dungeons. I am going to update it as I continue to experiment with it. I should note that Signet of Earth is currently in a flex spot - it can be anything you want (Cleansing Fire can be nice, as well as Mist Form to get out of tricky situations).

Trait/Skill Choice
The trait tree is intended to maximize your healing abilities and increase the durations of boons that you grant. Cleansing Wave/Cleansing Water, when combined with Elemental Attunement, make sure that you remove 2 conditions from each of your allies just by attuning to water. Since your healing spells have long cooldowns and you should be switching attunements relatively often, this is quite a powerful ability. Aquamancer's Alacrity is important to making sure that the long cooldowns on your healing abilities are as low as possible.

The Arcane masteries are a bit less obvious. The reason for taking Arcane Mastery and reducing your Arcane Cooldowns is so that you can maximize the effectiveness of Arcane Wave. Arcane Wave is NOT included for damage - it is included because it is a quick way to activate a lot of your field combos. As a healing focused Elementalist, I find the most common use is providing a fair amount of burst healing by activating it in either Healing Rain or Geyser; the combo creates burst healing. You can also use it to activate other combos, which including granting Area Might with Lava Font or Burning Retreat, Swiftness with Static Field, or Frozen Aura (Armor) with Frozen Field, depending on what your team needs. Elemental Attunement is excellent for both granting regeneration/removing conditions from your team when switching to water as well as the other cool little boons it grants when you're switching attunements in general (which you should be doing often). Finally, Blasting Staff is a must - it increases the size of your Geyser and Healing Rain fields, which are already difficult enough to place effectively on a team that is moving around.

Quick Glyphs in air is included so that you can summon your Elementals as often as possible. The Lesser Ice Elemental creates Frozen Fields so that you can combo into Frost Aura/kite with your team better. The Ice Elemental does the same thing, while also helping to heal your teammates.

Ability Choices
As you can see, I personally like to run Glyph of Elemental Harmony, Arcane Wave, Signet of Earth, Glyph of Lesser Elementals, and Glyph of Elementals. Glyph of Elemental Harmony provides you with some really amazing self-burst healing - the heal from it increases with your own healing stat, and the boons that it gives are nice as well (and granting regeneration to yourself while in water form removes a condition from you when combined with Cleansing Water). Arcane Wave, as explained elsewhere in this guide, is intended to activate your combos when used as a finisher to the fields that you set up (Lava Font, Burning Retreat, Geyser, Healing Rain, Frozen Field, and Static Field all set up combo fields for you to use it in to buff your team). Signet of Earth is a bit of a flex spot. I like it because it grants effective survivability when combined with your high HP from speccing into Water Traits, as well as providing CC to help your team kite and keeping enemies in Lava Font. However, I can also see arguments for Mist Form or Cleansing Fire/whatever you really want to experiment with...

I like the summoning Elementals for a couple of reasons. First, the Water Elementals can really help in kiting enemies with Frozen Fields and healing your team (something you are strongly focused on doing!). Second, they can help take aggro from enemies away from your team (the Stone Elementals are particularly good at taking a hit). The cooldowns aren't bad, particularly on the lesser elemental, if you take Quick Glyphs from air.

I think the Runes of Dwanya are the most effective of the healing runes because granting Regeneration (the #6 set bonus) synergizes so well with Cleansing Water, and in general, your healing skills (which grant regeneration) and Elemental Attunement (which also grants regeneration) by increasing the duration. You can essentially keep your team free of conditions between these abilities. Even switching into Water Attunement, alone, heals your team of 2 different conditions. Auto attacking heals you team of conditions. Self-healing cures yourself of a condition. A lot of your abilities grant regeneration in general, and maximizing the effectiveness of it is clutch.

Other Notes
This is my first guide for GW2, so I'm really looking for feedback. Please leave (constructive)comments and I will try to update the guide to reflect your feedback. I will also be updating it with improvements as I experiment more with different aspects of the build.

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1945 days ago

Definitely looks interesting. I'm in the process of leveling up an Elementalist and this build is definitely something I want to try out. I love the idea of constantly disabling my enemies and healing my allies as much as possible.

I'll definitely be looking back to see what you've changed during your experiments with this build.

1927 days ago

This is by far the most effective elementalist build i have seen so far, at least for dungeons that is. Why? Because everything synergizes so well with each other. I myself prefer a slightly altered version, with the 10 points of air put into earth for a bit more defence and a bit more condition damage, but i think that's a matter of taste.

Of course you won't have much dps output, but i have come to the opinion, that high dps is not the ele's primary role, but rather a clever mixture of dps and support.

I have been playing this build for quite a while now and it has me convinced.

1920 days ago

armor set stats?? ... skills looks pretty cool , i like it

1906 days ago

This is a fantastic build. After a lot of experimentation with my ele, this setup (with some variations) is by far my favorite. I like the use of Arcane Wave to set off combos.

I wonder if instead of Signet of Earth, you might take Glyph of Storms. It adds another layer of damage, and sandstorm drops bleeding and blind.

1896 days ago

Nice! I think i'll try this build today :)

1884 days ago

I use a similar Build for my Elementalist that i use for Dungeon Support Role. The only things different is :

- For my utility skill i dont use the Lesser elemental except while i was leveling alone. In place i use Armor of Earth or Mist Form for OMG moments. Since the cleric's armor give me Toughness i don't really need the Signet of Earth. I remplace it by Cleasing Fire to cure 3 conditions. I let my party member take advantage of my Combo Field and i can always switch to Earth Attunement for Projectile Finisher so i prefer use Arcane Shield to give me time to get the hell out of perious situation or heal myself.

- I prefer Cleasing Fire since i can use it at the right moment and instanly while with the Trait Cleasing Wave i often need to wait for my Water attunement to recharge before switching to it again to cure condition. Since i use 2 cantrip i replace this trait for Cantrips Mastery for faster recharge.

- In place of Elemental Attunement Trait i use Evasive Aracana. Since i use far more Evade that i change of Attunement during a fight it give more boons.

Anyway, at this point everyone adapt the build to his playstyle and it's still a great build for Elementalist(especially in dungeon setting)

1882 days ago

Am I going crazy or is that Cleric's Amulet really +798 healing? If it really is that high, where do I find one? Best I can find on the Trading Post is a +90.

1708 days ago

I like it, but I slightly changed some of the traits in my build.
Very nice build overall though!

1696 days ago

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1575 days ago

This is a very handy build, probably my favorite for the Elementalist. I use it, with some minor differences:

One, I have Glyph of Storms instead of Signet of Earth. The immobilize is nice, but the ability to pile on damage, bleed and most importantly, repeated blind is even nicer. Attacks that miss are damage that you don't have to heal. Enemies that die sooner aren't doing damage, either.

Two, I sometimes use Arcane Shield or Signet of Air in place of Glyph of Lesser Elementals. The Glyph is better when soloing, but in a group, the Shield can be used to survive if I gain undue aggro or the Signet to blind foes and cut their outgoing damage. Signet of Earth is another reasonable option here, or maybe Cleansing Fire if the enemies are real condition-inflicting monsters.

Third, I use Evasive Arcana. The water effect removes conditions, while the earth effect is a blast finisher, which can be used to really pour on the healing in a difficult situation.

I use a combination of Cleric's armor with Runes of Dwayna, and Berserker's accessories and weapon with a Sigil of Superior Fire. Though you could get somewhat more healing power, the extra critical damage and the fire burst from the sigil helps burn down enemies more rapidly, which in my experience helps somewhat more than more healing, unless the group has high HP and poor armor.

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