DPS burst engi (glass cannon engineer)


about this build,

1. Gotta keep the medkit for this one for the heals and the toolbelt recharge.
2. Dont bother putting down your turret ONLY USE ITS TOOLBELT SKILL
3. vulnerability can stack pretty good with this build too

Other than that pretty straight forward. If you for some reason are not bounced by theives you can get a lot of damage out of bloodlust too. Armor mods can help when u r bounced. Straight up damage, don't bother with the heavy point guards tho leave that up to (hopefully) the condition dealers of ur team

I ran this with toolkit (wrench) for the toolbelt skill, does good damage, but kind of slow.

U will do burst and a lot of damage, and probably lose brain cells because this build is so straight forward. but hey simple can be better.

Author: mrshankley
Tags: Engi, SPVP. DD, DPS, Glass
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Type: PVP
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