Dalahni's 7* Deadly Heals



This build is a high survivability, medium damage, medium mobility, semi-support build. There are 7* different spells that will give you healing or regeneration which will be the main way of keeping yourself up against stronger damage builds.

The Build

Updated September 28th
Heavily built on healing and boons, you will receive boons when switching to any attunement, using signets, using cantrips, and applying auras. You will also keep the passive effect of signets when they are activated, hence the Signet of Restoration. Because the build is susceptible to condition builds, Cleansing Water will remove a condition when you apply a regen.

There are a lot of good choices in the Water trait line for this build, and a couple that would work in Earth, but after switching a couple around from an earlier build, I don't think I would change anything. If you did, I would avoid going for +dmg in the trait lines though, and go for something more towards survivability. The output is really quite good as is (especially when you've got your Might Boons up), and it's only worth as much as you are standing to deal it.

The Heals

The most important part of this build is the heals/regen. Part of the reason for all of the Cantrips is for the bonus from Soothing Corruption in the Earth traits line. Using either of them will grant you regen. On top of that, you will get a nearly 3k heal every time you go into Water Attunement while also receiving a regen Boon and activating Soothing Mists (both of which will be active on any teammates nearby, too). Water Attunement should be an emergency Attunement, along with the cantrips.

Within Water Attunement, you also have another 3k heal available to you: Cleansing Wave. And then there's Cone of Cold which will grant you another 2k health. Both of these will also heal your allies.

Lastly - the Signet of Regeneration, which will be ticking at all times, even when activated, granting you another 4k heal when used. This is another emergency button, as I would recommend going into Water Attunement first in most cases, and getting out of it as soon as possible so you can take it off cooldown and have 7k+ heals available to you again as soon as possible. Very situational though.

*Did I say 7 heals? I meant 8 (but 7 just sounded so good) ;)

The Gear

I've gone with daggers because they're fast, and they're fun. Signet of Restoration only works so long as you're attacking - even if you're attacking air. The faster/more you attack, the quicker you're going to get heals.

For armor, I've gone with Superior Rune of the Water for both the healing, the increased Boon duration, and the chance to remove Conditions. The 6th effect actually gives you and nearby allies yet another heal, for a grand total of 9 heals [I promise I'm done adding more heals ;)].

For the weapons, I've gone with Sigil of Superior Life and Sigil of Superior Battle. The Sigil of Life is a bet, but generally pays off. If you can get your +heals up, the Cantrips especially pay off that much more. The Sigil of Battle is amazing, as it gives you +3 might every time you switch Attunements in battle. This makes it very easy to up your damage and get 10+ stacks of Might in a short period of time, especially if you Combo with Ring of Fire and Earthquake.

Stats with 10 stacks of Might and Fury active.

Detailed damage with and without 10 stacks of Might.

The Amulet is interchangeable, but I prefer Cleric's Amulet for the +heals. Same deal with the Jewel (although I prefer the +toughness of the Shaman's Jewel). If you'd prefer to up your Conditions, then you can go with the Shaman's Amulet. Personally I've found the conditions deal enough pain as is when Might is active.

The Utilities and Elite

One last note on the utilities: Another susceptibility with this build is being stunned/not being able to attack. The Signet of Restoration is only going to work for you if you can attack, so it's very important - even if you can't hit someone - to be using an attack if you need health. I chose three Cantrips for the regen, but also for that factor. This really surprises people when they stun me, too. They need to be used sparingly, but if your health is taking a dive, these are total lifesavers. As a bonus, if you're in major need of a large condition removal, you can also blow Cleansing Fire.

The Elite I chose just because I don't like anything else. The other two Elites tend to put you in a bad spot when you need a heal and aren't worth the risk. I find the Fire Elemental and the Ice Elemental to be the most useful. The Ice Elemental doesn't have any major heals, but it helps. The Fire Elemental can tear up a mob you're struggling with.


The playstyle is pretty standard dag/dag elementalist. When possible:

I start in Air: Ride the Lightning, Lightning Touch, Shocking Aura, Updraft.

Switch to fire: Burning Speed (while mob is still knocked down hopefully to get the burst), Drakes Breath/Fire Grab, Ring of Fire.

Switch to Earth: Earthquake in Ring of Fire (3 Might Combo - I don't even care too much if I knockdown an opponent if it's 1v1, I just want another 3 Might), then Ring of Earth or Churning Earth.

Here's where it's tricky. I know I can get Ring of Earth off without issue, but Churning Earth can pose some issues if I'm getting hit hard. Keep in mind that you CAN switch Attunements WHILE channeling, which means if need be, you can push out Churning Earth, switch into Water, and get that instant 3k+ heal while finishing your cast with no interruption. You can also apply Frost Aura without interruption. If you can get Churning Earth off and hit a bunch of targets, you can get a pretty heavy heal off of it.

That's really the gist of it. As I said, going into Water is an Emergency button, but using your Signet heal is a bigger one. Use them sparingly, keep in mind that you do have heals ticking on you already, and consider using Ride the Lightning as an escape option if only for a 3-5 second break to wait out CD's and get a big heal if you need it. Oh, and for the love of all that is mighty, disable 'auto target' in your options. RtL will work so much better ;)


I find this elementalist build to be very fun, and great in all PVP environments. In 5v5, I feel comfortable holding the lower-traffic nodes against *most* 1-2 groups. You'll generally not be able to burn down a *good* 'tank' who's already holding a spot, but if you can grab it, you can generally hold it unless a good high burst/condition build comes along or they mass take it. At the very least, this is a great build to hold up an enemy node in early game, even if you do die in the end. I would avoid the more high-traffic zones when possible, particularly the Keep and the Clocktower. Run like mad if a treb hit is incoming because you'll barely survive a direct hit with full health while taking enemy damage.

In 8v8, it's a fun build to earn personal points, give some support to your allies, and be mobile on the map. Though there's only a short speedburst in this build, you could chance it and pick up Signet of Air over one of the Cantrips for higher mobility.

This is also an amazing build in PVE. I invested in new armor to try it and I have not been disappointed. You can get away with less Cantrips for escaping and play around there, as well as with your Elite. After gearing for Power/Toughness/Healing, you could easily get away with investing most if not all Runes/Jewels in +dmg/power.
Author: Dalahni
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1941 days ago

Hi, cool build, I think you might want to look at Rune of the Monk, as the only difference is getting aegis for 30s, versus a heal, might be worth more..otherwise anxious to play with it more

1941 days ago

Hey Whac, thanks a lot. Do let me know what you think after your own trials. I've made an trait update to the build which I've found gives it more stability, so I'd recommend trying the respec as well.

As for RotM, my problem with it is that it's tied to the Elite skill, and the Elite has such a long CD, whereas the heal only has a 20 second one. I generally only pop my elite if I think I can steal a node by burning down a 'tank' with it, so I don't think it'd be worthwhile.

1902 days ago

This build, seriously, is OP! I tried it for a couple of hours yesterday and I signed up just to thank-you Dalahni, you have made my PVP life so much easier :)

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