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I've created this build for tournament play. I used a similar build BWE3 but with less crit and overall punchy damage, so I have skimmed on some CD and thrown in some crit to boot. Still trying to keep the support theme with my heals and elite in mind.

I have gone AH/SB simply for the bleed aspects of both but also because fighting on node at close quarters suits both weapon sets.

I'm not sure of exactly what pets I will use but both I imagine will have bleed abilities.

I dont mind "thumbs down" but would appreciate some advice on where or how you would improve it.


Author: FreeMoralAgent
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2025 days ago

I am not so sure I understand where you are going with this build. It far all over the place that you don't have any real *theme*. Both weapons you hav are ranged weapons, and both are rather strategical. Axes are commonly used to stack up bleeds, as splitting blade (axe 2* skill) casts out 3 axes, each with a chance to stack up to 3 bleeds each (double for crits). Most often used in close proximity to one person so you can get upwards of 18 stacks of bleeds on one person.

Shortbows are more commonly a flanking weapon, as it delivers no real benefit when facing down an opponent.

You have no idea what pets you would use, yet you have malicious training?? What good is that if you don't know what you'll use? Arachnids have poison,bears have bleeds, birds can apply vulnerability. What condition are you looking for??

Amulet. Your amulet and trinket MUST be the same.

If this is a 'team' build as you say, I would scour the abilities, especially in MM and wilderness survival, and see which ones actually benefit your companions, as well as you and your pet.

2025 days ago

"I am not so sure I understand where you are going with this build"

The direction that I am trying to take this build in, and I believe what makes it quite versatile is a more rounded approach, rather than having it all crit and no condition or vice versa I have tried to give it a healthy dose of both. The thing that I noticed with the build last BWE where I had it focused in condition damage was that if I came up against someone with cond removal it just didn't cut the mustard.

"Both weapons you hav are ranged weapons"

Precisely, my aim is to kite my opponent as much as possible, with my two cripple abilities, one on my SB and also spike trap I intend on keeping a safe distance and so the fact that both weapon sets are ranged works to my advantage. The fact that both SB and Axe are great for stacking bleeds gives me even more reason to run with this, seeing as this is primarily a bleed focused build.

"You have no idea what pets you would use, yet you have malicious training??"

To say that I have no idea what pets I am using is a bit of an overstatement, as I said, I am not sure of exactly which pets I will go with but both will have bleed abilities. For this reason Malicious training seems a fitting option. Having said that I really didn't spend much time scrutinizing each trait and how it will effect my build on a meta level so I am expecting most of the criticisms to be directed at them.

2025 days ago

"Amulet. Your amulet and trinket MUST be the same."

When you say "MUST" do you mean as the player matching Amulet with a particular trinket is our only option, or do you mean that it is the norm and you would be stupid not to.? If it's the former then that really changes things up and I would have to reconsider jewel/amulet/rune setup all together. Also when you say "trinket" do you mean Jewel?.

"If this is a 'team' build as you say, I would scour the abilities"

Again this is another area that is not concrete, but just to put the abilities into a better context, what I have done here is tried to mix it up with some support for my team ala Healing spring and Spirit of nature, you could even say that spike trap is CC which in itself will play a big role in spvp seeing as a lot of the battle is fought in a fairly confined area. The other thing I like about spike trap is that It is offering another outlet for me to apply a bleed. In the build that I was running in BWE3 I had frost trap in place of Sharpening stone but felt I was lacking some extra DPS and so I thought i'd see how it goes. Because this build doesn't have a great deal of HP I have thrown in signet of stone just to soften the blow some, I have considered search and rescue in its place for a little extra support but I guess that is more of an in game after thought.

Thanks for your feedback. You say that it seems like I am lacking any real theme, and to some degree you're right but this is kind of intentional, I am trying to bring a bit of an all rounder. Hopefully I have made where I am coming from with it a little more clear and please feel free to pull it apart even further.


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