Blademaster's Shouts PVE


Blademaster's Shouts

Still in testing phase.
Use it to be supportive in groups by healing alies and providing bleeding, vurnerable stacks and condition removal, while still dealing a fair amount of damage with bleeding stacks of sword, burst abilities and greatsword power.

Axe off hand is used to build up adrenaline and provides decent AoE. Greatsword is used for mobility and damage with Hundredblades. The Greatsword can be switched out for the rifle if you need a ranged option.

The 15 points in discipline can be put in defense to take Adrenal Health, but in my experience (explorable dungeons, regular PVE, NOT ARAH) your survivability is ok.

As for gear: You can run Cleric's with Soldier runes to increase your supportive role, providing bigger heals and extra condition removal. You can also focus more on Pr/Pow./Vit. to increase damage output (crit chance/damage with swords even more), but your heals due shouts will only heal for aprox 1k.

It's also optional to replace "On My Mark!" with something like "Fear Me!" for specific encounters, but the shorter cooldown of "OMM!" makes it in my opinion the first choice.

Overall this build can be used for a supportive role in (explorable) dungeon groups, but it's also very effective for exploration/Orr. The self healing (further increased by taking Adrenal Health), decent critical damage by swords and increased boon duration (longer Swiftness buffs etc.) makes it an excellent solo PVE build.

This build is nowhere near perfect. I just had good succes with it, on my beginning level 80 warrior, and wanted to share it.
I am open to feedback :D

Author: Blazer
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1864 days ago

I am schocked 800+ Guild Wars 2 players already visited this page!
But I would really love to here some response. Would people please share their experience with the build, strong points/weak points, improvements etc.?

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