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Update 08/13/2014

I don't see any new updates on this site, but I updated a few things. Most notable change has been 6 set Runes, and 2 Upgrade slots in weapons. This guide continues to be a solid base build, but I don't believe I will be updating much more, if at all, on this guide. Contact me in game if you have questions. -Good Show (Jade Quarry)
-Go for 70AR and save up +1 Agony Infusions. (512)
-v- Refer to Buildcraft -v-
. Greatsword
. Hammer
. Mace(with Sigil of Momentum) and Focus/Shield
-v- Supplemental edits to Buildcraft -v-
-Underwater Gear
-- of the Soldier +
-- Cleric's +
-- Sentinel's +
- Cleric's
Thanks for the votes and comments!
Feel free to message me in game. -Good Show [Brutal]
Supplemental Information
1) Healing Power (1500+)
2) Toughness (2000+)
3) Boon Duration
4) Vitality
5) Power
6) Condition Duration
7) Precision
8) Condition Damage
9) Critical Damage
Effects: Priority
1) Regeneration
2) Protection
3) Stability
4) Vigor
5) Aegis
6) Retaliation
7) Swiftness
8) Might
9) Fury
Bleeding: lol
Blind: brb
Burning: lol
Chilled: move move move, counter with Swiftness, or remove.
Confusion: ogod! This can be pretty devastating if it happens during an AoE attack, or auto-attacking with staff. Luckly we are not speced for Power. Use caution when this condition may be applicable.
Crippled: move move move, counter with Swiftness, or remove.
Fear: brb, watch out for cliffs
Immobilized: More times than not, this can get you killed, being mobile is a big deal when avoiding big direct damage and massive groups.
Poison: lol
Vulnerability: No, but thanks. Don't let these stacks get out of control.
Weakness: No, but thanks anyways.
Agony: Avoid it, mitigate it, live through it.
Torment: Avoid it, mitigate it, live through it.
Control Effects:
Ice Block:
Direct Damage: Go ahead, hit me!
Condition Damage: Counter-acted by Boons
Falling Damage: My leg!
Virtues: save your virtues for about-to-die only, the passive effects from them will sustain you.
Boons: when necessary (it's always time for boons)
Start with staff, switch to greatsword until staff is necessary again.
Mobs: Staff 2, 5, 3, 4, swap Greatsword, 3, 4, 5, 2.
(pull a mob at range then LoS, create a barrier once mob is close, AoE with everyone else, heal up and give everyone Might, swap to Greatsword, lunge to best target, symbol so everyone knows where to AoE, pull everything to you, spin and kill it all, repeat)
Sigil of Leeching > Sigil of Water because it provides a controlled heal.
In case of incoming heavy damage emergency; activate Virtues, switch to staff. This gives you a moment to decide if you actually NEED to run, continue fighting, etc...
When switching off a shout for Sanctuary, don't forget to switch off Vengeful for Master of Consecrations.
Switch off Hold the Line! when switching on Retreat!. This is good for speed needs.
Aegis is of higher priority when engaging in a slow attacking, 1 vs 1 fight, but is generally unreliable.
I found that using Hounds of Balthazar has been a very useful alternative for farming/predictable events.
Boon for 10 seconds @ 00%BD = 10.0 seconds
Boon for 10 seconds @ 10%BD = 11.0 seconds (Traits [10 in Virtues])
Boon for 10 seconds @ 55%BD = 15.5 seconds (Superior Runes [Water*2 and Monk*2 and Traveler's*2])
Boon for 10 seconds @ 75%BD = 17.5 seconds (Food [Chocolate Omnomberry Cream])
Boon for 10 seconds @ 81%BD = 18.1 seconds (Giver's Armor [6 piece set])
Retaliation: with 60%BD, and 25% more duration
10s*1.60 + 5s*1.60 = 16s*1.25 + 8s*1.25 = 30s
with Symbol of Wrath = 5*1.60*1.25 = 10s
40s where Stand your Ground only has a 24s cd, reapply for 10s.
16s + 10s = 26s
Recasting Symbol of Wrath... adds more time, and Save Yourself will be available again, so...
Conclusion: Retaliation forever with a greatsword...
Does well for:
-Applying: BOONS!, Survivability, Healing, Cooldowns, Retaliation damage
-Receiving: Heavy- damage, Medium- ranged damage, Condition damage, Conditions
Does fine for:
Does poorly for:
-Applying: Heavy+ damage, Medium+ ranged damage, Critical Hits, Condition damage, Conditions
-Receiving: Heavy+ ranged damage, Boon removal


Author: Suriz
Tags: Survival Boon Guardian Good Show
Views: 167136
Type: PVE
Rating: 87.5% 7 voteup 1 votedown

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1840 days ago

I've run with a guardian using this build several times and it's a solid build.

1792 days ago

This is a fantastic build. I've tested it. Works great - good job with all them maths. *thumbs up*

1786 days ago

Great build. In PVE the two different sets of burst damage do a huge amount of damage against single targets, with enough AOE to spice things up in a pinch

1752 days ago

I'm very interested to try out this build on paper. I'm currently putting the gear together to test it live. But it seems I'm missing something.
You mentioned: "Greatsword: Soldier's + Sigil of Life"

I found no trace of exotic level greatsword with solider like stats (Pow+Thou+Vit). Unless I didn't look properly, the only equipment available is either rare, or legendary (in which case a sigil of leeching is already embedded).
Do you advise to go for rare (sacrificing damages) to stick to this inscription? What would you consider a good alternative inscription for someone going for an exotic greatsword?

1752 days ago

* I'm very interested BY this build on paper.

1750 days ago

Kodan Greatsword,
or perhaps another vendor,
or if you are lucky enough to grab one off the Trade Post.

Hope it works out for you, always looking for feedback.

1729 days ago

From my understanding Condition/Boon duration is rounded down to the whole number. Not sure if givers is worth the 6%...

1708 days ago

Awesome build. I totally remodelled my Guardian based on this and I'll gladly give it a thumbs up.

1696 days ago

Strong build, nice guide with it.

1693 days ago

I can't wait to complete this build. Looks solid.

1693 days ago

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1689 days ago

Hey, is there any reason why you didn't used Sigil of Superior Water in Staff?
Isn't it a way more usefull then Leeching?

1687 days ago

Good question.
I was using Superior Sigil of Water before Superior Sigil of Leeching.
The Water sigil provides a 30% chance on crit group heal of 500HP, and our crit chance is only about 10-15%. If we were speced for crit, this might be more viable, but the random chance of heal isn't as good as a solid heal that I know I can apply.
The Leeching sigil is a solid 1000HP heal, WHEN I NEED IT. If I am switching off of my greatsword to my staff, it's usually because it's time to heal/run. The only tactic here is that when you switch to staff, you have to attack 1 time to get the heal.
Usually in the 10 seconds of cooldown after switching to staff, you can heal yourself and get back to the greatsword, which suggests you will be switching weapons constantly, which I believe is the intention of classes with weapon swap.

1670 days ago

I'm not sure if I really want to swap out my cleric's for giver's, I already do small damage as it is and im hesitant on sacrificing that for +6% boon duration.

1669 days ago

It is still under review right now. I think the Giver's 6%BD may still be a wasted stat. I am throwing off a lot of Power in this gear revamping, but ultimately, I'd take less power over being downed. Ideally, we are grouped with some heavy damage.

1669 days ago

Also, we get more attributes from Trinkets than Set gear as of 6/26/2013, since we do not have ascended Set gear yet. I put Cleric's gear as our Trinkets for this reason.

1635 days ago

Hey Suriz,

I have a little question about the greatsword. You have written that the best greatsword for this build is the Sentinel's with an Superior sigil of life but when i click the mini picture next to the text it's a link to the greatsword: Eternity, so I'm a little confused wether to use the Eternity or the Sentinel's.

1634 days ago

I am linking the best possible option of weapon, which, if anet honored that legendary weapons would continue to be the best possible weapons, the stats on these would be higher. Soldier's is probably the best option for greatsword really, which is what Eternity resembles. Ultimately, it's something to work towards having.

1620 days ago

I've been leveling a guardian lately, and had basically this in mind, so it was neat that it came up immediately as last updated! I was wondering what to use for runes etc.

Good stuff! =)

1608 days ago


Excellent build, I absolutely love the healing power on my guardian.

One question, what stats do I wanna look for for the Mace and Shield?


1607 days ago

Cleric's for life.
Faithful Strike
Mace of Justice

I updated the Gear section to reflect this. The reason Soldier's is adequate for greatsword is because it has more damage skills, and you will likely be taking more damage in melee range, where Retaliation is our friend, thus: Power, Toughness, and Vitality.

On this point, whenever you choose a weapon, look at what it does. If 5 of 5 of it's abilities are damage, go for Power, if 4 of 5 abilities heal, go for Healing Power. Weapons are generally telling to how they will be best applied.

1579 days ago

build is awesome. i run it similiarly, accept i only have 5 pts in virtues and 15 pts in radiance...reason for is i can spread virtue of justice everytime an enemy dies, and in mobs this is pretty awesome because everytime i use it i spread blind and with blind exposure i can spread vulnerability too so you actually tank incredibly good when big hits are missed and you deal alot more dmg with burning ticks and vulnerability spread

1578 days ago

An excellent example of applying a mod. of the base build to a situation, in this case, mobs and kills. More "On Kill" effects may benefit this mod. as well.

1551 days ago

I am trying out this build for my Guardian, but am a little confused on which specs are preferred (it was mentioned in the earlier version). Priority still Boon, Healing Power, Power, Toughness?

I use the staff and mace&Shield option

1551 days ago

This was one of the lost chapters. I'll add something back in for this.
I mostly suggest using the shield and mace option like a tank, and pile on the healing power and toughness, with all the stability and retaliation you can.

1546 days ago

I started a guardian about a week ago and so far this build seems to be solid (It's still just level 40 so I have not tested it full out yet). What do you think would be the better armor for this? I'm stuck between the Cleric's and the Giver's Draconic armor. The only question is whether or not to sacrifice power to gain boon duration.

As for weapons I use the great sword and staff (thinking of perhaps changing for a hammer).

What do you think?

1545 days ago

This spec has gone from Cleric's to Giver's and back to Cleric's. Giver's gear just cannot hold up to Cleric's gear. The gain of 6% Boon Duration is terribly worthless compared to the gains from other armors. If they buff Giver's Armor, it may be more than novelty.

At level 40, the must have is Two-Handed Mastery. Stick with Purity instead of Retributive Armor for now too. Shelter has the added block ability and a faster cooldown than the healing signet, you will find yourself using your heal as an alternative to dodging when your Endurance is low.

Mail me in game and I can add you and discuss all this further.

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