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[size=150]I use power, vitality and toughness armor, toughness, precision and power jewelry and power, precision and critical damage weapons.


The Longbow:Sometimes, a ranged weapon is necessary and the Longbow seemed like a good choice. The longbow is not too awesome on the warrior, but as soon as you invest 10 points into it and start using the flame combofield, it becomes a weapon that can be used smoothly. The damage is definitely not something to look down upon either.

http://wiki-de.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/7/78/Doppelschuss_Icon.png/24px-Doppelschuss_Icon.png 2x 260 dmg (up to 700 - 1500 in PvE combat)
http://wiki-de.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/0/01/Feuerf%C3%A4cher_Icon.png/24px-Feuerf%C3%A4cher_Icon.png 3 arrows that burn foes for roughly 3 seconds
http://wiki-de.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/c/c2/Bogenschuss_Icon.png/24px-Bogenschuss_Icon.png slow explosive, huge damage.
http://wiki-de.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/c/cc/Schwelender_Pfeil_Icon.png/24px-Schwelender_Pfeil_Icon.png blind
http://wiki-de.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/9/93/Festnageln_Icon.png/24px-Festnageln_Icon.png 4 second immobilize, 6 stacks of bleeding.
Every skill except the slooow explosive arrow can burn your enemy because they are projektile finishers. Therefore i decided to invest 20 points in tactics. The +20% boon duration are helpful as well and without the additional range the longbow is not even close as useful.


  • I recommend "mending" > "healing surge" > "healing signet".
  • I recommend "for greater justice" for long-lasting stacks of might and fury.
  • I recommend "bulls charge", "frenzy" or whatever the situation demands.
  • I recommend "signet of stamina" for more dodge/condition cure
  • I recommend "signet of fury" because it is by far the most adequate elite for this build.
  • In battle, always use for great justice and signet of rage as soon as possible.

    Note: furious reaction has another ingame text ( if damage you receive exceeds 10% of your health you gain fury and the stamina reg boon for 10 seconds (30sec cooldown).) Therefore it is useful in dungeons etc.


    As you may have noticed, the warrior has only one combo field (type fire), which is the f1 skill of the longbow. There are four types of finishers. I will give you examples and tell you what they do in the fire combofield:

    Blast finisher
    Area Might (x3, 20s)

    Leap finisher
    Fire Armor
    The Fire Armor grants might if you are hit (1 sec CD) and burns enemies.

    Projectile finisher

    Whirl finisher
    Burning Bolts

    Be aware that your standard attack consists of 2 combo finishers. This can be quite amazing, for example in combination with a mesmers "dark"-type combofield. Your standard attack will inflict 2 stacks of confusion. Vs large numbers I recommend toplace the fire combofield, shoot the slow explosive, immediatly switch to greatsword and enter the field with whirlwind before the explosive hits the ground. The whirl finisher shoots burning bolts that ignite enemies around you and you gain 3 stacks of might due to the blast finisher. It results in a big amount of area damage.


    This build is able to deal a big amount of damage while maintaining a fair amount of survivability. Peaks are 18k for hundred blades and 6.3k for the explosive arrow. Long boon duration makes up for the lack in offense. It is possible to stack rage and maintain it throughout long fights.
    This build is not optimized for solo PvP. In a large group you do well, since you wont go down without focus and deal huge AoE damage + give might to allies via shout and combo. In 1v1 situations it is decided by the skill of the player - if your opponent is a lot worse than you you might win. The reason is not a difference in terms of damage, tankiness or movement. What this build lacks like a desert water is utility. It is vulnerable to conditions and has a limited amount of ways to pin down its opponent. Play smart and maybe you will be able to overcome this - depending on your opponent.

    other builds:


    ingame screens of average/normal output of damage.




    Ingame screens were done by me, rights are probably arenanets.
    Skill Icons were taken from wiki.guildwars2.com
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    1777 days ago

    This looks awesome! I have a level 9 asura warrior that I'm definitely going to be using this with. Thanks for posting!

    1776 days ago

    Thank you very much for the feedback! :) I am glad that you like my build!

    1775 days ago

    According to the wiki, Rage is 20% crit chance every 60sec + your 13 = 33% under rage, not 40. Not seeing where you get that value.

    Also, your selected traits in the Arms line are all based on crit chance. You may want to consider the Rampager jewel instead, to at least get to 19% crit chance, then throw a Sigile of Accuracy for another +5% crit. So now when you rage you'll be closer to 45% and can better leverage all the Arms traits, otherwise, you may not see the benefit as much.

    Since I don't plan on being downed that often, I personally think Vigrous Return is a waste of a trait. You might get more bang for your buck with Embrace the Pain so you can F1 on a foe more often.

    Its a bummer you have to spend a trait to get 1,200 range on the bow, when rifle already has this and you could select Empowered instead if you care to switch weapons. Since your description says you are better running in a group, you're bound to get boons on you = extra damage!

    I like more tanky characters, which is why I started reading this build. I like what you did with the Power, Tough, Vitality. My kind of stats! :)

    1775 days ago

    Thanks for your detailed comment! :)
    First of all, my real crit chance is 20% :) Check it out on the screenshot :) The wvw maulet i picked does not include the stats of the weapons ( power critchance,critdmg). Therefore, my critchance under rage is really 40%, no more no less :)
    I often run dungeons, and be it arah or catacombs of ascalon, sometimes you will go down. Coming back with 50% instead of... 30 or sth like that definitely feels better ;). I also gave the sigill of accuracy some thought, but the dmg sigil seemed more reliable to me, probably comes down to personal preference ;).

    I too think that it is sort of... not cool that one does have to waste a trait for the longbow, but without that it is just no fun and it comes along with extra boon duration and some small rezzprotection ;) I am also thinking about exchanging clerics stuff to emerald stuff ( toughness, power, precision). the 1k extra heal arent that noticeable in this build since the health pool is actually 22k and the armor is 3k (2997) - of course as long as health is above 90%.
    bout running in a group: with increased range, you can catch running enemies way better and you can sit back watching your awesomely slow projectile slowly flying into a far away flame combofield and destroy everything.
    The warrior has so many traits and 70 skillp's really dont seem enough ^^ i had to set prioritys and this is what came around :)

    1775 days ago

    Oh well, and with this build it really is no prob to make full use of momentous greatsword - 15 stacks of might are easily achieved alone. More is also possible. And i am not talking about using frenzy, it works out without it :). In dungeons, as you see on the screenshots 20-25 stacks are more than possible in a fight and a warrior build that has the berserkers build will lay on the floor more often but wont have more stacks of might. All of this was confirmed in actual play :) I am really running this build and i am content with it.

    1765 days ago

    The base crit chance of this build is now 38%. Under the effects of fury the crit chance amounts to 58% (why is changing jewelry so expensive ~]

    1688 days ago

    I first made a condition warrior but i deleted it and remade a new one using this build set up and i lovvvvve it. THe choice of armor stats , weapon stats and Trinkets is really something, Tanky and you can kill amazingly fast. With all the might we get with greatsword, its insane. But i would second paladin09 on getting Embracing pain, and take out 10 point in tactics. I added 5 points to get adrenal health9ticking 200 heal is always a welcome) and added 5 to get attack of opportunity (if you like to party with people u are 100 % sure there is someone who will bleed a mob an that gives u extra 10% dmg). THanks for sharing your build

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